Introducing Katy Perry’s Covergirl Makeup Collection

Katy Perry is officially launching her very own makeup line for CoverGirl, yup, the “I Kissed a Girl” singer has her own range coming out and we can’t wait. Now the bummer is the collection won’t be available until July, but we’ve already got a glimpse of what to expect and we have to say it has Katy written all over it. The 31-year-old has evolved into a beauty chameleon, who shifts easily between a classic wine-stained mouth and a raver blue pout. So perhaps it’s no surprise that Perry announced the launch of her first makeup line: a colorful collaboration with CoverGirl that features two mascaras and 13 shades of cool matte lipsticks, ranging from petal pink to pitch black, designed to be an accessible, experimental makeup kit for her loyal fans.




“I wanted to push the envelope with CoverGirl,” says Perry, who revealed the collaboration on Twitter. “You know, a black lipstick or a blue mascara is very Tumblr—I told them, this is what’s happening online, this is what everyone is Instagramming.” Called the CoverGirl Katy Kat Collection, the individualistic lipsticks will be out in May. After announcing that she’s designed her own makeup collection for CoverGirl, Katy wasted no time in debuting some of the collection when she and her squad showed up to Coachella flaunting her much-anticipated line, see more here. And we have to say, these fabulous lipstick shades are just purrfect!


 “Day ✌?️coachella I’m wearing Pink Paws@cleowade wearing Catoure &@sarahhudsonxx wearing Cosmo Kitty. ? #katykatmatte (lol that just went through),” Katy captioned her Insta, published on April 17. The singer totally surprised everyone by wearing her own beauty collection because, after all, her line isn’t hitting stores until this summer. But even better, she also got her girlfriends joining in on the lipstick fun!

“We’ll pick a theme for each day—one day we’ll be romantic Lolitas, the next day we’ll be vampires—and I’ll match my lipstick to that theme,” she explains, of dipping into the palette, which took roughly a year to create, with inspirations that run the gamut from MoMA’s block-lettered logo to Tumblr memes. The soft white packaging, too, was Perry’s personal choice, to hint at the perfectly matte yet comfortably hydrating formula within.

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