pantene conditioner 3mm

Introducing Pantene’s Brand New 3 Minute Miracle Conditioning Treatment

Your daily conditioner can now be a salon-worthy conditioning treatment with Pantene’s new 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner. This wonder product that is designed to repair up to 3 months of hair damage in 3 minutes alone, is now set to becoming a hit in the UK, too.

Being the world’s #1 haircare brand is no easy feat – there is endless and fierce competition, but this brand consistently achieves crazy good results and at incredible prices.

Pantene Pro – V 3MM offers the exclusive power of a daily conditioner that combines exceptionally professional and a superior deep treatment that sets to work to busily repair damaged strands within a few minutes of application!  The outcome is the return of beautiful, bouncy and healthy hair that your S.O won’t be able to resist running his/her fingers through.

The secret to this highly successful intense conditioning treatment lies within the benefits of the antioxidant histidine of which greatly reduces oxidative stress.

Furthermore, Pantene’s unique formula offers lipids to deeply nourish the hair’s core, as well as spreading evenly along the fibres to ensure optimal results.

By using the latest conditioning technology this treatment will target and treat areas in need of repair, allowing any residue 3MM offers 2 x extra conditioning and nourishing ingredients than ordinary Pantene conditioners. The result is super soft locks, incredible shine and much-reduced split ends or frizz.

pantene conditioner 3mm


1.Instantly melts into the hair and deeply conditions strands without weighing down your hair.

2.Use with every wash to transform damaged or dry hair into shinier, softer and stronger locks.

3.Ideal for dry and damaged hair.

4.Pro-V formula

Pantene has achieved multiple accolades worldwide and over 25 million women are currently enjoying this beautifully smelling and superior conditioning treatment.

Pantene’s Principal Scientist, Dr. Jeni Thomas states:

“Pantene Pro-V 3mm works with smart Technology which spreads evenly along the hair fibre, quickly releasing micro rigid actives, which identify areas in need of repair. Or new ingredient, histidine, then penetrates the hair fibre, reducing oxidizing minerals and helping hair stay strong from the inside. The result is soft and shiny hair without the weighed-down feeling.”

Pantene 3MM is available as repair and protect, smooth and sleek and volume & Body.

Pantene 3MM is priced at £2.99. To view and buy this product click here.

Or visit your nearest Superdrug store.


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