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Is Your Man Marriage Material?

The majority of us like to dip our toes in the water before we meet a guy we feel warrants the ‘M’ word. Of course, many of us will meet (lets say several) men, before we find a fella of whom we feel is marriage material.

However, wonderful as love is, it is not always straightforward, and sometimes mistakes are made. If you are contemplating taking the next step in your relationship, and if (in Beyoncé’s words) he really should be putting a ring on it, read on to discover whether your fella is likely to be marriage material.

1.You Always Pay

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Ladies, this is a bad sign. Sure, you could be blind-sighted by his illuminating charm. You could earn so much that you enjoy splashing out and treating your fella. However, listen up: if you are always paying for everything, all the time, you probably will be forking out for-like-ever. One day this will be a big bone of contention and a reason to divorce.

2.He Is Untrustworthy

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Refusing to share the whole truth with you – whether it is regarding finances or his spare time – this spells big fat trouble. If your fella were serious about you, he would not be holding back. Should you have one of these guys, or even a guy who tells little lies for no apparent reason, you have probably not bagged yourself a winner.

3.He Has Cheated

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Even if you don’t believe the saying, ‘Once a cheater, always a cheater,’ if your man has betrayed you, it is almost impossible to build a solid future.

Spare yourself the heartache and Move On.

4.He Is A Party Animal

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This type of guy is great fun, and for a while you will have an awesome time. However, should you be in a ‘serious’ relationship with a guy who has no real ambition past next weekend’s party, we hate to break it to you – but marriage material he is not!


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