Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 1 Is Selling Out In Stores

Kanye West Yeezy Season 1 collection launched in stores last Thursday and has almost sold out just few days after it was released. The collection which included shoes and athletic casual wear were available in more than 30 upscale U.S. retailers like Barneys as well as online. West’s black 950 Boot priced at $585, didn’t stop it from selling out. Another item that was highly demanded was a camo T-shirt for $235 and a sweater priced at $1,690. Kanye West has been criticized for the high price tags but that hasn’t stopped fans from buying his collection! Fans lined up outside the day of the launch from 8 a.m. and several pieces were sold out by noon, isn’t that some dedication! Read more below.


Although West’s collection is not entirely sold out but some stores and online retailers such as Matches Fashion, My Theresa, Mr. Porter and Barneys New York are either completely out of stock for some pieces or have just a few sizes left. Some people took this opportunity to sell items on eBay and one T-shirt with original retail price of $235 was on auction with bids starting at $350.

“It’s family first. And then when I work on music, I’ll sequester myself and work on it with a team of three, four, or five really focused experts for two weeks at a time. And then with apparel, the office is right across from my house, so I go to the office every day. When we do music for the [fashion] show, I use my music guys. When we’re lighting the show, I use my lighting guy that I use for the tour. And Vanessa [Beecroft, the conceptual artist who choreographs the Yeezy shows] deftly weaves through what we do for music performances and also for the performance we did today.” – Kanye tells Vanity Fair about his design process.


Check out some of the collection below:


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