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Like Gin? You’ll Love This!

If, like Liam, the thing that makes you feel supersonic is a drink of gin and tonic, then you will love the latest news surrounding this sassy tipple. Prepare to get excited! Three days ago Holborn Dining Room opened London’s biggest gin bar, (incidentally called The Gin Bar) boasting over 400 different varieties of gin! You may be pleased to know that more than 100 of the spirits are home-based, being distilled in the UK.

The Gin Bar
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No matter what your gin preference might be, The Gin Bar is certain stock it. Prices vary greatly, from next to nothing to over £50 a glass. Oh, and there’s also a rather enticing gin cocktail menu – nice! The recent opening of this awesome bar couldn’t be better timed, given the other recent gin-related news. Incase you haven’t heard, there’s a new anti-aging gin brand (it also has a very simplistic, straight-to-the-point name) called Anti-aGin).

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Commissioned by Warner Leisure Hotels, and released earlier this week, this new gin brand is touted for keeping the onset of wrinkles at bay. This is due to the fact that Anti-aGin is a 40% proof gin, of which is distilled with pure collagen. Included in the gin’s ingredients are well known rejuvenating components such as: angelica root and juniper; chamomile, tea tree, and nettle; and witch hazel and gotu kola. There is no doubt that these properties are hugely beneficial to the skin, and according to Metro News, the inventors of this new, theoretically fantastic brand state it is the alcoholic equivalent of a facial.

There’s just one small downside that troubles us: what about the fact that alcohol itself seriously ages the skin? Oh, and then there’s the slight issue of the huge amounts of sugar needed to create the alcoholic beverage in the first place. Realistically, alcohol can be served with 100 minerals and it would still age us. Unfortunately, alcohol causes dark circles and dehydration, which leads to premature ageing and wrinkles. However, we can still enjoy the drink – and after a few we might even start to believe.

A Gif of drinking gin
                 Sourced via giphy.com



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