w7 dusk till dawn
Credit: www.w7cosmetics.co.uk

Make Sure Your Eyes Stay Smokin’ Hot All Night With W7’s Dusk Till Dawn Collection

For the perfect evening makeup look to make your eyes pop try Dusk Till Dawn’s eye shadow palette with 14 shades of sassy ultra-violet tones.

This palette features a collection of rich colours that bring out your vibrant personality. W7 Cosmetics offer fast and seamless application, ensuring your signature evening look will appear so professional, it will have everyone gasping in slack-jawed amazement and asking you for tips. Dusk Till Dawn is so-called due to the fact that whatever colours you choose, they will stay looking immaculately fabulous until you leave the club.

Should you want to go for a tamer look, W7 has this covered, too. Combining nude and sand tones for those quieter evenings out, you can be certain there is a shade to match any event!

The Dusk Till Dawn palette combines 7 matte shades ranging from nude, sand tones to brighter and richer hues such as reds and purples.

w7 cosmetics
Credit: www.w7cosmetics.co.uk


W7 Cosmetics state:

The other 7 shades of the palette consist of glittery foils that accompany their sister matte tones.”

“Wanderer is a light, natural matte
Llama is a light brown matte
Bearded Dragon is a peach matte
Oasis is a dark brown matte
Ayahuasca is a popping purple matte
Wild is a deep red matte
Gobi is a burnt orange matte
Golden Sands is a golden foil
Grey Fox is a pinky brown foil with iridescent particles
Wilderness is a baby pink foil
Mirage is a light brown foil
Mojave is a lilac foil
Daybreak is a deep purple foil
Dune Moon is a burnt copper foil”

w7 dusk till dawn
Credit: www.w7cosmetics.co.uk

Ordinarily, we find that quality is reflected in price. We can’t believe the outstanding quality and professional feel W7 Cosmetics provide for such a reasonable price. W7 Dusk Till Dawn is available to buy for just £9.95. Wow!

To view and buy this incredible eyeshadow, visit: W7Cosmetics.co.uk

If you like this palette you may want to have a look at W7’s Tintastic collection. Consisting of just about every shade you can possibly think of, this fabulous range will keep you amused each and every day of the year. This collection is priced at £59.95 (over £90 to buy individually). Buy here.

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