McQueen Parfum by Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen has announced a license deal with P&G Prestige Products for the launch of McQueen Parfum. The label is inspired by haute parfumerie and combines contemporary design with high level perfume making. The debut fragrance opens with black pepper, clove and pink pepper, alongside key ingredients of sambac jasmine, tuberose, ylang ylang and vetiver.McQueen Parfum has been described by those that have tried it as “femmes fatales, it’s Marquis de Sade,” it’s risky and dark magic wrapped into one stunning scent. The bottle is created with dark glass and a thick base, and the crown of the bottle features antiqued gold feathers. It’s beautifully gothic but with a modern edge.


The McQueen Parfum is very much in the realms of haute parfumerie and priced accordingly. It’s also only available at Harrods and at the Alexander McQueen boutiques in London, Paris and Monaco, so very exclusive. It’s not a scent you’ll end up smelling on lots of people, should you take the plunge and invest.

McQueen Parfum is £285 online here.

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