Taylor and Tom Hiddleston met gala
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New Celebrity Couple: Taylor Swift And Tom Hiddleston

Since the airing of The Night Manager, Tom Hiddleston has transformed himself from the outright baddie who was Loki, into one of pure beauty, claiming the key role in many a lady’s fantasy. However, the news is out that Taylor Swift has swooped in and snatched our British sex icon from right under our noses. Ladies, this is bad. Not too many weeks ago, Taylor was proclaiming her love for then boyfriend, Calvin Harris, stating that he was the love of her life.

Taylor and Calvin
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Unfortunately romance never seems to run smoothly, particularly for celebrities – and as cute as they looked together, Taylor and Calvin were no exception to the rule. As news of their split spread like wildfire across social media, we all felt a tug on our heart strings as we felt sad for the duo who until very recently seemed inseparable. The pain in our hearts may now have dulled somewhat, as it has now been replaced with batshit crazy jealousy, upon hearing that handsome Tom Hiddleston apparently has become involved with Taylor.

Taylor and Tom Hiddleston met gala
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We have seen video footage of them dancing together at The Met Gala (Tom putting out all of his best moves and looking sexy AF) approximately a month ago – and we begin to wonder whether this steamy new alleged romance may have had something to do with Calvin and Taylor’s split. This of course is all speculation, but it does seem as if the romance has progressed somewhat quickly.

Photographs were released just two weeks ago, revealing Taylor and Tom in a passionate embrace on a Rhode Island beach. The pair looked very happy – well let’s face it – Tom Hiddleston sat on a blissfully secluded beach with his arms around you…who the hell wouldn’t look happy?

Taylor and Tom in Rhodes
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On Thursday afternoon, Taylor was photographed boarding her private jet in Rhode Island, and guess whom was spotted arriving to join her shortly after? Calvin Harris has since ‘unfriended’ on social media, and all Instagram pictures of the pair seem to have been deleted.