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Oh, Charlie….

Unless, during the recent weeks, you’ve been living on Mars, you will have undoubtedly heard the news about Charlie Sheen speaking out about his HIV virus. The star has been in the news for his alleged drug-fuelled parties with endless streams of prostitutes more times than I’ve had a facial. To put things in perspective, news reports claim that Charlie has spent over £1.6, million on prostitutes.

Charlie Sheen
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However, Charlie’s lifestyle choice is his choice, and he claims that he was never dishonest with his sexual partners. Sheen has stated that it is impossible for him to have transmitted the HIV virus to others, and that he has only had unprotected sex with two women – both of whom knew his status. Nevertheless, as with most celebrity scandals, the aftermath of Charlie’s announcement brings forth a line of angry women with another word on their mind – ‘sue.’ Having HIV these days is not necessarily a death sentence, and with the help of the correct medication, the majority of people can live a full and healthy life, and never even develop Aids. Charlie said that he was diagnosed ‘roughly four years ago,’ he has received anti-viral medication, and his HIV levels are barely detectable in his blood.

However, since Mr Sheen’s appearance on the Today Show on Tuesday, whereby he admitted to Matt Lauer that he is HIV positive, he has listed one of his Beverly Hills Mansion for sale –  probably in expectation of the ensuing onslaught of lawsuits.

Charlie Sheen's mansion.
Charlie Sheen’s Beverly Hills Mansion (Image:

It has been reported that Charlie faces a list of lawsuits from 6 women (at present) looking to sue him for alleged non-disclosure of being HIV positive. His exes Bree Olson and Natalie Kenly both claim Mr Sheen never once told them he was HIV-positive during the time they were together. Even worse, news sources claim that Olson deemed Sheen a ‘monster.’

Bree Olson At Studio 303 (Image: Wikipedia)
Bree Olson At Studio 303 (Image: Wikipedia)

Charlie Sheen said that both of his ex-wives, Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller knew of his HIV status, and furthermore, Charlie recently disclosed the information to his eldest daughter, Cassandra. Oh Charlie….

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