Oxygenetix oxygenating foundation
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Oxygenetix: Our New Favorite Foundation

Are you looking for a foundation that will truly benefit your skin whilst providing necessary coverage? We heard about the revolutionary Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation, and couldn’t wait to try it. This foundation truly is a ground-breaking formula that will not only provide a flawless finish, but also heals the skin.

Celebrities worldwide adore this foundation. Stars such as Lisa Kudrow, the Kardashians, Kate Bosworth, and Poppy Delevingne are just a few of the A-listers who use Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation. In fact, this was the most used foundation at this year’s Oscar ceremony –  for a very good reason:

Originally designed for doctors, this outstanding yet lightweight formula can be used immediately after surgical and non-surgical procedures. Oxygenetix treats the skin, whilst simultaneously concealing any imperfections.

Oxygenetix Is Like A Breathable Second Skin That Actually Heals

Oxygenetix oxygenating foundation
        Sourced via: skincarex.com

Oxygenetix is touted for being like a breathable second skin – and when you try this foundation you will understand why. The well-researched formula includes a special blend of ingredients including hyaluronic acid and Ceravitae that are powerful in enhancing collagen cell production, and connective tissue growth. This high-end formula enables maximum repair and renewal, and stimulates the healing process after surgical and non-surgical procedures.

2Oxygenetix Contains Well-Researched, Specifically Formulated Natural Oxygenated Ingredients For Optimum Skin Health: Oxygenetix gets its name from the fact that it Includes oxygenating ingredients such as: Aloe Barbadensis, Vitamin E, Grape seed extract, green tea, salix alba extract, and glycerine. These compounds are clinically proven to heal, soothe, and further protect and treat damaged skin. Oxygenetix is 85% breathable!

No Downtime Following Skin Treatments: There is no need to hide away for any length of time following any aesthetic or surgical procedure – be it chemical peels, injectables, IPL hair removal, and laser resurfacing, micro-needling, or even more invasive procedures such as rhinoplasty. Simply apply Oxygenetix and your skin will be camouflaged and begin the healing process.

Camouflages All Skin Imperfections

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           Sourced via: oxygenetix.com

Oxygenetix will hide away practically every known skin issue. Acne-prone, cracked or dry skin, rashes, wounds – whatever the problem may be, it will be perfectly concealed, whilst simultaneously healing the skin.

Non-Smudge/Sweat Resistant: You do not need to worry about the hot weather putting a dampener on your flawless finish, as Oxygenetix not only replenishes the skin’s moisture levels throughout the day, but it also stays strong, refusing to smudge in the humidity or through sweat, and is also water and transfer resistant! Could this be the ultimate foundation? We think so!

Stands The Test Of Time: You only need to apply this foundation once, and it will last the entirety of the day.

SPF25 UVA/UVB Protection: Oxygenetix even comes with an inbuilt SPF!

Non-Comedognic = Will Not Clog The Pores: As if all this wasn’t enough, Oxygenetix is ideal even for sensitive skin, is hypoallergenic, and will not clog the pores unlike most other camouflage foundations.

Tackles Dehydrated/Stressed Skin: This foundation is one in a million. If you want a great coverage that will heal and treat your skin, then look no further – Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation will amaze you.

Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation is available in 14 shades. Including 7 yellow base colours and 7 blue base colours, it is impossible not to discover your matching shade. Furthermore, colours can be mixed in order to attain the ideal match.

Oxygenetix skincare
                 Sourced via: oxygenetix.com

Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation costs £45 per 15ml.

You can view and buy Oxygenetix at: www.oxygenetix.co.uk.

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