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Party Etiquette: 5 Things You Should Never Do

We’ve all been at a party and witnessed a guest make a fool of his/herself. Usually onlookers will watch with horror movie fascination, as some guest’s self-respect unravels with each drink, until they have made a complete show of themselves and passed out in a corner. Amusing as this is, it is also a stark reminder that you never want to be this person. Party etiquette is oh-so-important. Here are 5 things you should never do:

1. Hog the dance floor

Friends episode with dancing

                                                     Don’t Do This! (Image: Youtube)

No one likes the girl/guy who thinks they’re auditioning for ‘Strictly’ and takes over the dance floor, knocking over anyone who may be near. Incidentally, this person is usually the one with the least dancing ability, and the highest blood-alcohol volume. It’s always embarrassing; don’t let it be you.

2.Get it on with a guy who’s taken


                                               Uh Oh (Image: Google/askmen.com)

This is the quickest way to a bad name or worse, a brawl. Sucking on the face of some guy, whose girlfriend hasn’t yet arrived, will at best lead to an unwanted situation of never-ending awkwardness.


                                              Singing is Out! (Image: Google)

There’s nothing worse than having no option but to listen to an annoying party guest badly singing a rendition of Justin Beiber, (on repeat), and hearing another guest telling them they should apply for ‘X Factor.’ This is one of those things you should never, ever do!

4.Be rudewoman ignoring man

                                    Include Everyone (Image: writerscafe)

Ever been at a party and endured some other guest taking rudeness to a whole new level? This is embarrassing and uncomfortable for everyone involved, and definitely something you should avoid at all costs.

5.Drink too much

friends drinking beer

                                          Know Your Limit! (Image: Wikimedia)

Sure, drinking at parties is undoubtedly fun. However, getting wasted is not! If you don’t want to be ridiculed, branded or avoided, don’t mix your drinks and know your limit!