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Perfect Summer Hair With Moroccanoil

The warm summer days are coming, and so too are the barbecues, beach parties, and festivals (yay). Moroccanoil’s Global Creative Ambassador, Antonio Corral Calero has revealed his tips using Moroccanoil for the perfect summer hair.

1.Low Texturized Ponytail

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Antonio tells us how to achieve this look:

Firstly, separate the hair into 3 sections, applying Moroccanoil Treatment Light (100ml £31.85). The treatment draws out your hair’s natural texture.

Moroccan oil Light Treatment
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Next, using the Moroccanoil Boar bristle Teasing Brush (£19.85), put loosely into a low ponytail, fasten with elastic, ensuring strands fall gently into the face to form the dishevelled look.Hold the ponytail with one hand, and with the other hand interlace into the top of the ponytail.With the fingertips, gradually dishevel the extent of the ponytail.

After this take your Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo (250ml / £14.85) and mist over the entirety of the hair, to enhance extra lift and texture.

Moroccan oil dry shampoo
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2.Perfect Boho Braids

Antonio tells us how to achieve this look:

Firstly prep hair with Moroccanoil Treatment Light, enhancing the volume.of the hair. Secondly use Moroccanoil Root Boost (250ml / £18.85) and from roots to ends in a zigzag movement, apply the product unevenly adding texture. Allow the hair to fall in its natural parting.

Moroccanoil Root Boost
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Starting with the right side, make an inward braid that begins at the centre parting and stretches along the hairline towards the ear, ensuring you tousle the ear in the process.Beginning half an inch lower, repeat the process with the second braid, and then overlap with the first braid once you are past the ear.

Antonio says we should secure the braids at the occipital bone by knotting the hair 4 or 5 times, allowing the ends of the hair to hang loosely.

Braiding backwards, repeat the same method on the other side of the head, then after approximately 1 inch, knot the hair as mentioned above.

Antonio says the second braid should be created under so that it sits off the scalp.Following the hairline, stop 2 inches above the ear. Next incorporate extra strands to increase the volume, altering from a 3-part braid to a 2-part knot. Fasten at the back of the head, 3 inches below the occipital bone.

For the third braid repeat the same process as before, but braid in the opposite motion, enabling it to sit tightly to the scalp. Leave out the sideburns in order to enhance tousled appearance. For an ultimate beach babe look, spray all over with Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo.


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