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Product Review: Radiant Glow Botanical Organic Skincare

Having a good skincare routine is something we all wish to achieve. So the question is how can we achieve this? It seems that going organic could the best way forward when choosing our skincare products. I had the chance to try for myself to really see how well these organic products work with my skin. Over a period of a few days morning and night, I was using Radiant Glow Botanical Facial Wash, Facial Toner, Facial Scrub and Facial Milk, which acts as a lighter moisturiser.

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First Impressions of these Skincare Products

One thing that I will compliment for a first impression is the scent of each product I got to try. Especially the facial milk, the Shea Butter smells amazing, I cannot fault it. You get a mixture of tea tree and lemon for the facial wash which is very refreshing; especially in those mornings when you do not want to get up. The toner with Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel gives it a very cooling feeling. It is a more gentle scent than facial milk but still feels good when applying to the skin.

Before I started using these products my skin was very oily around the t-zone! Trying to find a product that would help this has been quite a struggle, until I started using the Facial Scrub. The tea tree, lemon and lime combination, my skin really reaped the benefits from these ingredients. It removed the excess dirt and oils, unclogged pores that causes the breakouts and restored my skin to its natural beauty. Using this and the other Radiant Glow products, my skin never felt softer.

After a couple of days, I already started to see a difference; my skin’s oils have decreased rapidly, my spots and blackheads had already started to smooth out. My skin was definitely drinking up these skincare products like there was no tomorrow! By day 3 the spots I had on my face had apart from my acne scars were virtually gone and my face felt so smooth. I had made sure I didn’t put anything on my face apart from these products so I got the full result. It looked and felt like my skin was loving it!

By Monday morning, my skin was pretty much clear. It felt so smooth and healthy, I didn’t feel the need to put on a bit of makeup for the school run in the morning like usual and using the facial wash really helped with getting up in the morning.


All in all, I recommend this product to everyone especially those who try to deal with oily skin. I went in with my mind wide open and the result shocked me. It is feeling much smoother, looking clearer and my self-confidence and skyrocketed. Radiant Glow Botanical has a thumbs up from me!

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