Reasons Men Search For Rebound Sex After A Break Up

We’ve all been there – split up with the guy whom we believed was the love of our life. And yes – sat blubbering on the sofa with that giant sized tub of Bailey’s Haagen Daz, and a large glass of red and a box of tissues in hand. Sitting there nursing our aching hearts. We’ve all stared resolutely at our phones and wondered if he too is in a similar sorry state.

The reality of it, however, is a little different to what we might hope for. Your now ex-boyfriend is more likely to be finding solace in the nearest bimbo at the local pub. So, why are we girls wired oh-so-differently?

Here are the reasons men may look for rebound sex sooner than you.

1.Their brains are wired differently

Yes, it’s a fact. Whilst the majority of women will contemplate their failed relationship and find comfort in expressing their emotions. Men’s brains on the other hand are set to find solutions to problems. The issue of newfound loneliness, they feel it’ll be resolved with fast replacement therapy, i.e., the nearest willing lass.

2. Men really are that simple

Unlike us ladies, the male rulebook dictates that guys ought to soldier on. In this respect, they do not feel able to fill the heartbroken chasm with buckets of tears in front of their mates. So, instead they focus their attention on someone else. In the hope that this will put a stop to the bottled up pain.

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3. Self-affirmation                                           

Breaking up with a partner (particularly if the man is the one left behind), causes guys’ egos to take a battering. What better way for a guy to resolve this by boosting their ego in the arms of another woman?

Revenge sex

4. Revenge sex

If a guy has been cheated on or dumped, rebound sex basically means revenge sex. Whether it’s a casual hook up, or a new relationship, many guys will seek revenge in this manner.