National Stress Awareness Month: De-Stress & Relax

Sadly, not many people are talking about Stress Awareness Month, or stress awareness in general as much as we’d like. And as we draw closer to the end of Stress Awareness Month, it is essential to bare in mind the various ways to stay relaxed not just in April but for the rest of the years to come.

From social media pressure to work and family related issues it is super crucial to remain sane and avoid any stress triggers.

So, why not harness the natural remedies within essential oils, get some quality pamper ‘me time’ as well as aromatherapy scents of which can be beneficial to calm the mind and help reduce overthinking. It is important to truly create one day a week to pamper yourself no matter what.

Here are some products to help boost a happy mood and improve your health generally. You can also check out some extra tips here.

Bosco Del Merlo Prosecco, £14.50

This may come as a surprise to some, but did you know that prosecco is actually good for you. So why not boost your mood now and again with this bright straw yellow fruity Bosco Del Merlo Prosecco. Formulated with hints of apple, pear and delicate note of citrus fruit. It is also soft and elegant with melting of the fizziness on the palate.

Meadow Calm and Soothe Face Mask, £30.00

We’ve found an incredible face mask that works like magic. Meadow Calm and Soothe Face Mask intensely hydrates and moisturises skin. It soothes sun damaged skin as well as reduces fine lines and redness. Packed with free-radical fighting vitamins, the oils and clay decongest, combat inflammation to help improve skin smoothness, firmness and elasticity.

Soothing Bath Oil, £30.00

All ESPA products are created with a blend of essential oils to care for your entire wellbeing. We particularly love this aromatic bath oil to help relax a busy mind. Infused with Sandalwood, Rose Geranium and Frankincense to help unwind with it’s soothing and restful properties. Myrrh helps ease the mind, while Sweet Almond Oil deeply nourishes for beautifully supple skin. Stress who? Stress what? What Stress?!

Nakin Glowing Skin Set, £24.00

Here is a perfect natural remedy for skin that needs a boost. The cleansing milk melts away dirt, grime and make-up with its gentle but effective action. While the face oil calms skin, reduces redness, heals and hydrates. Nothing like a glowing skin to help boost your mood everyday.

Made by Coopers Sleepy Head Beauty Balm, £15.00

Do you have trouble sleeping? If yes, then you are in luck! Why not drift into a blissful night’s sleep with this multifunctional beauty and sleep balm. Perfectly infused with Lavender, Frankincense, with healing Hemp as well as Shea Butter. It is not only organic, but also, vegan friendly and parabens free.

Berries Best Antioxidant, £29.75

This doctor-formulated blend of organic fruit and vegetables, including berries is specially selected for its high antioxidant value. Developed to help with physical and emotional imbalances in the body. Vegan-friendly powder with a great taste. Packed with blueberry, bilberry, cherry and papaya. 

Polished Aloewhite Mouthwash, £8.99

Noting like a bright smile to uplift you daily. With Polished London Aloe White you can achieve this. Formulated from the finest natural ingredients as well as aloe vera. It helps neutralize bad breath and oral bacteria. It also soothes and relieves soreness of the gums whilst leaving your mouth feeling clean with a lush peppermint taste.

Aromatherapy Associates Relax Body and Massage Oil, £45.00

De-stress with the Aromatherapy Associates Relax Massage and Body Oil. Infused with Vetivert, Camomile as well as Ylang Ylang. Created to calm the body and mind. Not only does it soothe skin, but also, gives you a silky, supple feel. As well as aids a peaceful night sleep.

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