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Stress Awareness Month: 5 ways to reduce stress

Since 1992, April each year marks Stress Awareness Month. And we’ve put together some incredible ways to relieve stress as well as ensure a more relaxed lifestyle.

1. Exercise

One way to relieve stress and get a positive boost in mood, is through exercising. Regular exercise can lower rates of depression as well as stress hormones like cortisol and in turn increase Endorphins. Endorphins then triggers a positive feeling in the body. Some types of exercise includes; Biking, Dancing, Housework, Jogging, Playing Sports, Swimming, Walking as well as Yoga.

2. Meditation

Just like exercise and yoga, meditating can also help reduce stress. Less stress equals less anxiety. Meditation helps to improve mental and emotional health. Achieve a positive mind set and healthy sleep patterns through meditating.

3. Music and Dancing

When dealing with stress or feeling depressed, the right music can relax your body and calm your mind. Lowering stress level helps keep blood pressure normal. So, listening to calming music, or even making music can reduce blood pressure. As well as dancing to your favourite music, musician or musical icon.

4. Healthy Eating

Healthy eating equals healthy living. Ensuring a balanced diet as well as fruits and vegetables are great sources of vitamins and minerals needed in the body. They are also an excellent source of fibre and help fight diseases. Did you know magnesium relieves stress and anxiety? Well your avocados, leafy greens, and even bananas contains just the right amount. Maximise your magnesium intake

5. Learn your stress response

Never wait for stress to happen or come to you. Everyone’s stress triggers are very distinct. So, it is important to know what makes you stress and take a step back to think how you can you reduce your exposure to that situation. From financial strains, to relationship problems and even work can all impact how we are feeling positively or negatively.

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