Verso Reviving Eye Mask
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Reverse Time With Verso Facial Masks

When we search for eye and face masks, we want products that are clinically proven to deliver optimum results. Verso facial masks are the only skincare brand to use Retinol 8 (vitamin A complex).

Verso facial masks are clinically proven to offer significant improvement to your skin. They are up to 8 times more powerful than other non-prescription vitamin A products. It doesn’t claim to be an overnight magic trick. However, over time with continued use, you will discover a noticeable change to areas of concern, and a more radiant and youthful complexion.

We heard about Verso facial masks and couldn’t wait to try them out. Here’s what we found:

Verso Reviving Eye Mask

Should you happen to be a person whom loves events, parties, and nightlife in general, the Verso Reviving Eye Mask will be right up your street. Considered as a great quick-fix for those of us who stay up to the wee hours of the morning, the ingredients in this eye mask will provide you with eyes of a well-behaved young lady who never misses out on eight hours of sleep.

Verso Reviving Eye Mask is a deeply moisturizing hydrogel mask containing Retinol 8 for the eyes. The hydrogel mask allows for deep penetration of the Retinol 8, of which bestows upon us 30 hours of exceptional moisturizing power. This component also promotes the skin’s production of collagen as well as offering much hydration. Furthermore, Verso has included sodium hyaluronate, grapefruit extract and canola oil. The result is eyes that shine with fresh, well-rested youth; thus enabling you to dazzle all day long.

Instructions For Use

For optimum results apply the eye mask for 20 minutes, and use Verso facial masks twice per week alongside your usual skincare routine.

This eye mask is gentle yet highly effective in delivering hydrated, plump and smooth rejuvenation to the eye area. When tested on tired skin, the results were impressive; eye bags were reduced and the eyes appeared fresh.

Verso Intense Facial Mask

Verso Intense facial mask
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We all strive to find the ideal product to thwart the dreaded signs of aging. Verso has created a facial mask that actually treats every pesky age-related skincare concern.

Verso Intense Facial Mask includes Retinol 8 complex (vitamin A derivative), together with a polyphenol extract and vitamin B3. The vitamin A product offers revolutionary advances in skincare, as it provides the advantages of retinol without its otherwise frequent irritation. Polyphenol adds to its skin-boosting effect.

Retinol 8 works to promote the skin’s own collagen production, of which in turn reverses visible signs of skin aging and prohibit further lines from appearing.

Should discolouration or enlarged pores be the problem, Verso Intense Facial Mask is the solution. This mask reduces discolouration and pores, providing your complexion with optimum beauty.

Grapefruit extract, centella asiatica, ceramide-3 and canola oil are combined in this product to offer your skin with exceptionally nourished, soft and younger looking skin. As with the eye mask, this facial mask also provides up to 30 hours of rich, moisturized heaven on your visage.

Directions For Use

Apply and leave on for 20 minutes. For best results, apply Verso facial masks twice per week in unison with your skincare routine.

Verso facial masks can be applied even if you have recently used other retinol product

Verso Reviving Eye Mask  (£40 per box of 4) and Intense Facial Mask (£60 per box of 4) are available at and For further information and purchase of all Verso skincare products, visit: 


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