Say Hello To Oyster Card Nails

There is nothing more annoying than leaving the house for your daily routine only to find out you’ve left your Oyster card or even bank card at home. We’ve all been there, but 22 year-old Central Saint Martins student, Lucie Davis, has created a solution in a very stylish way.Oyster card acrylic nails with RFID chip..

We are sure you are just as excited as we are, say hello to the new Oyster card nails, the same microchip inside the original Oyster card is embedded into acrylic nails to create an easier way to pay for your daily travels. Simply tap fingernails onto the oyster reader, the same way you would with your oyster card or bank card.

Lucie has chosen to decorate her nails with the TFL Oyster colours, but you can have any design with the same ease. The inspiration for the Oyster nails came as part of a project that challenged the students to find extraordinary ideas from everyday events and Davis immediately thought about her daily commute. “These ideas just kept popping up as I was experience my daily routine,” said Davis. “You get so immersed in it, it’s an intimate, active thing – that’s what I want to get across.”

“I was hoping that this idea would make everyone’s next commute a little more thoughtful and enjoyable rather than our usual mindless ones,” she says. “I like to think of my work as a 21st century update to the traditional keepsake. It’s about finding a fresh new perspective on things, providing more meaning in a world we may take for granted and (hopefully) changing the way we think in a positive light.” Although, there has been no word from TFL whether they are looking to take up the great idea but this is certainly an awesome new way to get around London without the hassle of the Oyster card or bank card, just make sure you don’t break a nail while at it!Oyster card acrylic nails with RFID chip.


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