man with tape over mouth

Sex Faux Pas Guys Need to Stop Committing

There are certain things that men do in bed that make us ladies think we’re dating a man-child, and run for the door faster than you can say ‘foreplay’. Make sure you are not making one of these painfully unattractive mistakes.

1. Say she’s doing it wrong, or comparing her to your ex.Unhappy couple in bed

               Perhaps this wasn’t the best time to mention the ex…

Starting with the worst of all faux pas, this one is certainly the king. Unless you want the relationship to end very abruptly, its best to keep these things to yourself, until the time is right. During sex, whilst you’re in the throws of passion is definitely not a good time. As far as mentioning your ex is concerned, there will never be a good time. Leave that one well alone!

2.Not fulfilling her needs.Concerned woman in bed

                                  Are you fulfilling her needs?

Are you worried she just isn’t that into it? Or are you not too concerned as long as she is doing it right? Not fulfilling her needs will lead to frustration and a quick departure. If you are unsure, gently ask her what she likes, and then do it!

3.Finishing when she hasn’t finishedtroubled couple in bed

                                     There is a time to hold back

This kind of brings me back to the last point, but you get the idea guys. Yes, we get you’re excited to be with us, and sometimes you just can’t help yourself. However, this isn’t acceptable behaviour each and every time. There are techniques out there to slow down the inevitable – coming together is more spectacular than one might have imagined. Though, if you do come first, and you know she hasn’t, give her that extra time to make her memory just as unforgettable. You will score endless brownie points.

4.Never glance at or look at your phone during sex.

man looking at phone in bed
Don’t do this.

And for God’s sake, never ever, take a call or text! This sends immediate alarm bells to even the most laid back of women. Make this sex faux pas and your lady won’t be laid back anymore.

5.Overdo the dirty talk.

man with tape over mouth

                                There is such a thing as too much

Sure, a little dirty talk is good, in fact in can be great. But those of you guys out there (you know who you are) don’t kill it by going on and on. In the same breath, no crying, laughing, and absolutely no singing! If we wanted that we’d be sat in the front row of X-Factor.

Image sources: HuffingtonPost, Ivan Pecel, Pitchenginelive.