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Sexting etiquette: what’s real and what’s not

There’s really nothing better than sex chat when you’re in the mood for adult fun. You get to interact directly with another person and trade as many nude photos and videos as you want. That doesn’t mean that it’s easy to find, though. You’re never going to be able to just start sexting someone you work with and end up playing around with them. If you want to have a guaranteed sexting session then you really need to find a site that offers you exactly that. 

Is porn star sexting bad for you?

They’re all over the internet but not all of them are going to offer you the same level of service. Just take porn star sexting forums for example. These are sexting platforms that’ve been around for a while and they’re only growing their user base. It seems like it’s the perfect spot for all of your adult sexting needs. There are problems with it, though. You’re going to start seeing them as soon as you start using it. But the biggest issue with them is that it’s full of fakes and crooks. Those fake profiles you see are done by marketers who just want to advertise their dating affiliate offers.

  • Real porn star sexting sites are very expensive

The very first thing that’s going to be clear is that sites like Onlyfans and porn star sexting are extremely expensive sites to use. They call their hosts “pornstars” and playing around with them is just as pricey as having sex with the real deal. These women are just paid to get you spending your money on the site and that’s exactly what they do. You’re never going to come across a sexting provider who’s interested in making you happy here. It’s all about the money and you’re going to be paying just to receive ads from them. 

  • A honeypot scheme to make you spend

That’s because this is all really just a honeypot scheme. That’s what you get when you’re hoping to talk to a sexy girl, only to be put on the line for a lot of money. You’re never going to play with anyone here. You’re going to spend money to send a girl messages, then you’re going to just sit there while she tries to sell you her photos and videos. It’s not fun and your night on the site will never end as you may have imagined. 

  • Porn stars don’t care

The simple fact is that the girls don’t care about on porn star sites. They don’t have any stock in whether or not they get you off. They never have to show you a good time because some of them don’t even enjoy sexting. If you get a message from one of the pornstars, all it will mean is that she needs money. She’s only on the site to sell her content and that’s it. You can get higher quality porn from a free tube site rather than waste your cash on there. And sometimes they don’t share the same fantasies.

  • They have other things to do

These girls are simply using their bodies to make money. There’s no enjoyment in it for some of them. Most of them have boyfriends. They only exist to get money out of people. There are much better options out there and you’re never going to know how good sexting can really be until you try them out. As it stands with several sites, you’re only wasting your time and spending tons of money.

  • Sex chat with real girls on Arousr

If you’re after a good time and you’ve had it with porn stars then all you have to do is switch it up and head over to for sex chat instead. This is the place for anyone who wants to play around with actual women. The girls on this site want to have fun and they’re always excited to talk to someone new. That’s because there’s no incentive for them to sell you pre recorded videos or photos. They’re on the site live and that’s when you get to fool around with them. 

On top of that, Arousr girls are deeply in love with sexting. That’s the only real reason that any of them would log onto the site in the first place. There’s nothing to do there but sext with strangers and that’s what keeps them coming back. You get to see them when they’re online and you’ll have your choice of who you send a message to. After that, it’s all about the kind of fun you want to have with your girl. You’ll never get upsells and you’ll never get a message just because she needs money. You really can’t do any better than that!