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Should You Have Sex On Your Period?

Ah, the age-old question – to have, or not to have…the messy sex. For most of us, this conundrum rests on several key factors. However, the very recent launch of the tampon, apparently allowing you to have not-so-messy period sex (we said not-so-messy, however it’s not magical), throws in another reason for doing it, regardless of the fact that you may be on your second day. For all those guys out there, we don’t want to appear crass, but to put it bluntly; generally the second day consists of the toilet bowl resembling a murder scene. Here are the main thoughts that factor in when wondering whether you should have sex on your period.

1.You Can Use The New Flex

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Yes, these soon to be available disc-like tampons will soak up the blood, but not prevent you from having a good time. In theory, anything that puts a stop to the passion –killing moment whereby you have to dash to the bathroom to discard of your tampon sounds like a pretty ingenious invention – but they aren’t here yet, and you know the saying, ‘You’ve got to see it to believe it.’

2.What Day is it?

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What we mean here is, how far into your period are you? There are a few girls out there who don’t endure the hell that is the heavy period – and then there are the rest of us. If you happen to be on day 2 – the answer is likely to be, absolutely not! That is, unless you are near a bath, or really need a new mattress.

3.How Much Do You Want Him?

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If you are comfortable with your man, but are still at the, ‘I have to have you right now’ stage in your relationship, then chances are an imminent tsunami isn’t going to stop you. On the other hand, if it’s the kind of sex that’s happening because it’s Tuesday night, maybe it’s a good reason to go to bed and leave him watching ‘Babestation.’ You decide.