Snoxin 11 Achieves Optimal Results Without A Hefty Price Tag

Would you like a reasonably priced anti-aging serum containing proven anti-aging peptides that can ordinarily be found only in products with high-end price tags? The secret is Snoxin 11.

Ladies, it may not have an attractive name or fancy packaging – but Indeed Labs has forfeited these unnecessary luxuries to provide you with a truly effective anti-aging serum. Snoxin 11 is a highly concentrated formula brimming with peptides to aid in achieving a smoother and more even complexion.

Furthermore, Snoxin 11 combines the peptide XEP-018, of which is tested and proven to thwart facial lines by minimizing muscle contractions, thus relaxing those irksome lines and wrinkles. Basically, it is designed to have a similar effect to Botox, but without the painful needle or price. Although the results will not be as dramatic as Botox, Snoxin 11 will certainly aid in diminishing lines and under-eye wrinkles, boost collagen levels and reduce the dreaded appearance of sagging skin.

Additionally, this incredible product locks maximum levels of moisture into the skin to support a plump and smooth complexion.

Key Benefits:

1.Light Reflecting Ingredients to Erase Appearance of Lines

2.Same Peptides As Those Used In High End Luxury Products.

3.Safer and Less Expensive Than Botox

4.Proven Active Ingredients To Support Rejuvenation.

5.Lines /Wrinkles Will Soften and Appear Reduced.

Snoxin 11 relaxes even deep expression lines by softening muscle contractions.

6.Snoxin State That Results Appear Within a Couple of Hours And Lasts For 8 Hours.

7.Improves Skin Elasticity, Boosts Collagen Levels And Reduces Sagging Skin.

8.Skin Is Significantly Rejuvenated And Smooth.


Key Ingredients

XEP-018™: A biomimetic peptide that mimics Cone Snail venom from the Indo-West Pacific region. This neuropeptide blocks signals sent from the brain to the facial muscles to contract and just like Botox®, relaxes the muscles instantly. This active provides both an instant and lasting effect as the peptide accumulates and continuously works to help skin repair itself by allowing new collagen to grow and mature thus increasing skin elasticity.”

MATRIXYL SYNTHE’6™: “A powerful peptide that boosts six skin-building essentials: collagen I, III, IV, fibronectin, hyaluronic acid and laminin 5.”

PERFECTIONPEPTIDE P3™: Speeds up cell renewal by helping the skin’s natural exfoliation process. By revealing new skin cells, this active works to refine skin texture, reduce wrinkle depth and provide deep hydration, resulting in fresher, more vibrant skin.”

Verdict: After trying Snoxin 11 for a couple of weeks we can say that there was a significant improvement to the skin’s appearance. This amazing product is a great alternative to high-end serums – you will achieve similar results and save yourself a packet in the process.

Snoxin 11 is priced at £29.99.

To view and buy Snoxin 11 visit:

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