A computer hacker
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When Sofa Sex Becomes Scary

Smart TV’s are a fabulous invention – that is, apart from one major flaw. Sofa sex could now mean there is a chance you will ignorantly be supplying the Internet with porn. Yes, you heard right –  Smart TV’s come with a little inbuilt webcam of which is supposed to be for the use of Skype, and as with all computerised gadgets,however, they are at risk of being hacked.

Smart Tv using Skype
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Introducing TV’s with inbuilt webcams that have lax security, has opened the gateway for disgusting individuals to hack your TV, record whatever they choose (a little tip – it’s not Coronation St) and then upload video onto various sites, including porn sites. According to The Daily Mail, Revenge Porn Helpline employee, Laura Higgins stated that, “We have dealt with one couple who were filmed making love in their living room through their smart TV by someone who had taken control of it. The footage just appeared on the website.”

A computer hacker
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Laura added: “Friends had seen it online and told them. The victims had no idea it was there – they had not made any personal videos and no names were attached to the online footage identifying the people in it.” Laura Higgins further commented, “But they could recognise their living room and from the angle the video was taken they worked out that it must have been filmed from the webcam that was attached to their smart TV.

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Apparently no communication was made from the perpetrators to the couple requesting money in exchange for removal of the video, and there was no reason to suggest this might have been a revenge attack. However, internet porn sites acquire money through the number of views, and therefore the so-called business could be seen as lucrative to certain morally bankrupt individuals.

So, ladies and gents, before you decide to have a little fun-time, you might want to place a cloth strategically over the television.