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Some of the Best Valentine’s Day Episodes

Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re celebrating with your partner, friends or family, sometimes all you need is to relax, grab a glass of wine and watch some good T.V. Now, you’re not always in the mood for something romantic even on a day like today. And that is totally fine. If you’re looking for something to watch today, look no further. Here are five of the best Valentine’s Day episodes. 

Modern Family – ‘My Funky Valentine’

‘My Funky Valentine’ may be one of the best Modern Family episodes, at least one of the best from the first season. Modern Family never seemed missed, especially in the earlier seasons. In this episode each couple has their own plans for Valentine’s Day, although none seem to go to plan. Phil and Clare end up in a hotel, playing out that famous role-playing fantasy which is truly iconic. Meanwhile, Jay and Gloria spend their evening at a comedy show, where Jay receives a pretty big roasting for the age gap in the relationship. Micth and Cameron don’t get the holiday they expect, due to Mitch stressing over work. But Lily saves the day by being dressed up for the occasion. A great episode and an even better Valentine’s Day one.

Bob’s Burgers – ‘V for Valentine-detta’

Another great girl power episode comes from animated sitcom Bob’s Burgers eighth season. In ‘V for Valentine-detta’, Linda and Louise attempt to cheer up Tina after getting her heartbroken by Jimmy Jr. This girls night out consists of meeting Nat, their limo driver who turns out to be the best wingwoman for Tina. They managed to track Jimmy Jr down, allowing Tina to let him know he made her feel. Good for her! Gene and Bob on the other hand spend Valentine’s day doing trapeze lessons. Facing their fears together, this becomes a bonding moment between father and son. A great episode, as usual, but this focuses on how family love and bonding is just as important. 


New Girl – ‘Valentine’s Day’

It’s Jess Day’s first Valentine’s Day alone, something so many of us have experienced. While Jess spends the night trying to have her first one-night stand, Nick and Julia experience their first real Valentine’s Day together. Jess decides she needs Schmidt and Cece’s help in her quest, which can only end in disaster and it does. New Girl never fails to miss, using comedy and laughter to show the important of certain moments in life, While Jess’ Valentine’s Day doesn’t exactly go to plan, Schmidt and Cece’s relationship finally makes some progress, whilst Nick manages to convince Julia’s intern to quit so he can drive until he sees the sun, obviously.


Parks and Recreation – ‘Galentine’s Day’

Parks and Recreation always strived to show the importance of women and girl power. The episode ‘Galentine’s Day’ emulates that perfectly. This episode is perfect for a solo night or spending the evening with your best friends. Watching Leslie Knope be the Leslie we all know and love will definitely lift your spirits and make your Valentine’s Day. The first Galentine’s Day episode is of course the best and many people’s favourite. With it’s introduction of Galentine’s Day, it shows people the importance of bonds between friends, having those non-romantic relationships and friendships. It’s heartwarming, funny and almost perfect.


Glee – ‘Heart’

Would it be Valentine’s Day without a Glee episode? We think not. In the 2012 episode ‘Heart’, the Glee Club desperately needs money for costumes but Mr Schuester refuses to accept it from Sugar. Kurt is being courted by a secret admirer, who turns out to be ex-bully Karosky and Brittany and Santana are facing some homophobia at school. The episode features renditions of ‘Stereo Hearts’, ‘Love Shack’, and ‘I Will Always Love You’. You couldn’t ask for more. Watching Glee is always a wild ride but sometimes it’s what is needed, especially on a day like today. We also get an appearance from Jeff Goldblum as one of Rachels’ dads, fantastic.


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