Model: Sykwia Jasinska
Hair and Makeup: Magda Graff
Photographer: Yazan Hamama

Beauty portraits can be very different depending on the context that they are used in. Webster’s dictionary defines beauty as the quality of being physically attractive. Giving pleasure to the senses…a Beautiful woman. 

A Beauty portrait is a close-up portrait, usually a crop from the bust up or closer. It can range from little to no makeup all the way to dramatic creative makeup with lots of fu-fu surrounding the model. Bringing your vision to life as a photographer generally requires more than you and a camera. You need a subject – and, if you’re a fashion or lifestyle photographer, that subject is often a real-live human being.

Beauty portraits can be artistic or commercial in nature. As the definition would imply – the woman in the photo generally looks beautiful regardless of the intention.

I believe that photographers are responsible for creating an image of women and this is to define women as strong and independent.


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