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The art of corrective makeup and corrective creams

Correct me if I’m wrong delves into the colour corrective creams you can purchase on the high street today. Foundations are best to even out skin tone and also combat minor skin blemishes.

However, most do not  generate the amount of cover you may need for  flaws such as scarring and dark circles. The cover needed in films and theatre tend to be heavy and greasy so not advisable to be used everyday.

Make-up, plus on-screen stars often have air brushing to help that ageing skin or breakout on set. Corrective make-up is a powerful trick to learn and can also be used to disguise prominent features of the face such as close-set eyes and a wide nose. Corrective creams work on the basis of complimentary colours

Red and Green
Blue and Orange 
Yellow and Violet (purple)

Colour chart
Colour chart

What do colour corrective creams do?

Green- used to counteract excessive red patches, high redness scars as well as blushing.

Orange- covers blue in the skin like Dark circles and veins

Yellow- covers purple in the skin like dark circles, bruising, scarring

Purple- covers yellow in the skin this Usually occurs from some type of illness (jaundice)

Light pink- brightens the skin with dull or greyish undertones

My favourite corrective palette is Make up Forever 5 camouflage cream palette, which comes in 5 different palettes depending on skin tone. Highly concentrated in pigments, they are perfect for covering dark spots and other skin blemishes and unifying the complexion. www.makeupforever.com

Top Tips

Warm the product up for better durability

makeup brush

Use a small amount and blend with a flat brush Use with moisturiser for easy application

makeupforever makeup palette
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