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The Best April Fool’s Pranks

April Fool’s Day! taking the phrase ‘don’t believe everything you read’ to a whole new level. Yes, each week articles pop up that are so implausible, they leave us questioning the writer’s sanity, at the same time as doubting our own – but this is the one day media can go that little bit further and not get called out – all in the name of national prank day. Check out some of this year’s April’s Fools jokes.

1.Good Morning

Good Morning weather
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We have to admit, one of us at FRUK actually began to fall for this one – well, and it was early! Good Morning’s prank was actually quite genius – the weather girl announced that due to scientific research into the results of climate change, our winters are becoming warmer. For this reason it has been decided to scrap the current four seasons, to be replaced with just three seasons, Spring, summer, and autumn.

2.The Standard

Sourced via wikipedia.org
                      Sourced via wikipedia.org

Thomas Lafoille, who is the quotes business founder for The Standard created this post: “New East London pop-up café to sell water from River Thames.” Well, there is this one café in east London, which raises doubts.

3.U.S Army

U.S army
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These on-going conspiracy theories surrounding the U.S army developing secret technologies makes this April fool prank so funny. Today, the U.S army tweeted, “Scientists successfully ‘teleport’ soldiers.” Come on, admit it – you believed it for a second.

4.World News

Westminster world news
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At 7:30am, World News announced the breaking news that Pimms would be advertising their logo on the face of Big Ben. Displaying a picture of Big Ben with a massive Pimm’s logo, Westminster correspondent, Peter Simmons stated there had been a massive outcry from the House of Lords. He went on to add that Pimm’s had defended the deal, saying: “We at Pimm’s are delighted to be restoring the clock. Pimm’s O’clock is a national catchphrase.