Michele Merkin
Michele Merkin

The Best Hair Removal Products

Ladies, there’s nothing worse than using time-consuming hair removal methods – apart from, perhaps, time-consuming hair removal methods that do not even work! There are hundreds of hair removal products on the market, some of which are costly and ineffective. However, the warm weather is well on its way and hair removal is a necessity. Here is the lowdown on 3 of the latest home hair removal products on the market, so that you can spend more time being smooth and silky in the sun.

1. Braun Silk-epil Wet and Dry Epilator £79

Braun Silk-epil 7 Wet and Dry
Braun Silk-epil 7 Wet and Dry

This is truly fantastic gadget, with several features that put the epilator at the top of the list for the best hair removal product. Firstly, this epilator has been carefully designed with 40 tweezers, of which grip even the smallest hair (0.05mm). Furthermore, its pivoting head adjusts to the contours of the face, allowing for a more productive hair removal process. If that wasn’t good enough, the device incorporates soft lip tips – these will raise flat hairs so that they too can be eliminated! Awesome!

2. Tria Laser Hair Removal £350

Picture of Tria laser hair removal device
Get silky smooth for summer

If you were to buy a home laser system, this product is la crème de la crème of home lasers. Tria have been in the hair removal business for many years, and they seemed to have hit the jackpot with this machine. Yes, it is costly, but much cheaper than visiting the salon for numerous treatments.  Whereas many other products come with additional costs for cartridges, the Tria does not. Thus, you will be saving money overall. Product reviews for this item are very successful, with an average rating of 9/10. Score!

3. Veet Spawax £29.99

Picture of Veet Spawax
Pamper yourself smooth!

Veet claim this new home waxing product gives you the same results as a waxing salon. Including sugar lily and fig fragranced discs, you will enjoy a spa-like pampering experience, rather than the putrid odour that sticks to you with their hair removal cream. Veet Spawax remains at the correct temperature throughout the process, and no strips are needed! The product works on hair as short as 2mm and you can revel in silky smooth legs and bikini line for almost a month!

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