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The Coronavirus Lockdown Survival Guide

From panic buying to lockdown, how did we get here? Coronavirus came as a shock to us all, but we’re in it together and we will survive it. I trust everyone is staying safe and well.

Are you worried about how staying at home may affect your physical and mental wellbeing these uncertain times? Here are some 10 essential ways to stay well and productive in this time of self-isolation and social distancing. 

Stick to your routine

Sticking to your usual routine is really important to stay mentally alert as well as aid for a smooth transition when everything goes back to normal. Try to get up same time you usually do for work and remember to take your breaks. If you have to get dressed and create a special work space to get you by, then do it. 

Be productive

This is the time to be super productive. Yes even with the kids around, you can do it. This is the time to start that new business idea you’ve abandoned. Do your research, read, write, collaborate and work with others. Make every minute and every day count.

Clean up

From jewellery to clothes, makeup brushes, hair extensions and every corner of your home. Ladies and gents it’s time to clean and sanitise everything. Not just because of coronavirus but even after the virus is long gone, we can retain these great habits of cleanliness. I must confess, I’m a little OCD, not sure if this real for me, or just in my head but I like everything clean, super organised and have extreme attention to detail issues, lol. But oh well, like they say, cleanliness is next to godliness. You feel me?!


I mean, this is the time to really explore, experiment, bake, and try different foods to help you stay occupied. I’ve been baking lately and trying new recipes for fun. Would be sharing some cool recipes soon. This is also the time to up your immune system with nutritious food as well as fruits and vegetables.

Stay Fit 

Nothing like exercising to soothe the body and mind. So whether it’s yoga, dancing, singing. Jumping up and down to get that blood flowing and body moving. It’s so crucial at this time, to avoid late nights and also eating and sleeping all day. Remember when this is all over, you want to still look your best. Every couple of days I play some old school jams and dance my butt off like I’m in the club. Will be doing that this weekend for anyone that wants to join me  Trust me, the after feeling is truly amazing.


Feed your mind, body and soul with love. Try new skincare products, light a candle and have a bubble bath. There are so many ways we can avoid stress triggers, tune in to your body and be mindful. Covid-19 Coronavirus will surely pass and you want to be ready and fully sane when that happens.


Firstly, don’t get tempted to buy something you’re not going to wear or use anytime soon especially when we don’t know when this will be over. Secondly, ignore all the pop up ads online and social media, this is not the time for it. However, if you feel you are financially stable and in desperate need of retail therapy then sure, go for it. Lots of brands are currently on sales and you may get some pretty good deals. But just be certain it’s truly worth it. Also if your situation is critical, do your research on how to get government funds and support.

Be Social

Yes you can be social even from the comfort of your home. Call a friend, FaceTime family, join WhatsApp groups. Social media has been really entertaining for me lately. I’ve also joined Tiktok and your girl is also accepting fun Instagram challenges to keep me occupied. Thanks to the internet and several available apps and platforms, you can never have a bored moment in this era we live in.

Netflix and Chill

Yes you can now Netflix and chill. Catch up on your favourite shows with your partner, friends and family. There’s also Youtube, IG videos, Tiktok and many more. You can now watch movies in a group online. So, whether you live alone or with family and friends, try something new today!

Stay Positive

Finally, in the hopes that everything is going to go back to normal really soon, you have to stay positive. Be kind, remain calm and prepare for the other side. Strengthen your immune system during this pandemic.

Sending love to anyone who may have been negatively affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Please continue to be kind and show love, let’s keep our community safe and thriving through these uncertain times. We’re in it together! And many thanks to all the NHS healthcare workers, nurses and doctors at the frontline working tirelessly during this crisis.