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The Long-Awaited Return Of Jessie J

It’s finally happening; Jessie J is returning to the music industry after her hiatus from the industry. We have waited long enough for this return, and we know that this new musical chapter will be better than her last. Jessie J took to Instagram on the 5th of June to announce that she is releasing a new single titled “I Want Love.” Additionally, the release day of the track is the 11th of June.

Jessie J- “I want Love” Snippet

To add, she released a snippet of the song. The disco feel of the song gives a proud salute to the ’70s with its choir-like harmonies and vibrant orchestral arrangements. Leading us to ask the question, will Jessie J single-handedly bring back disco? More posts include possible imagery of a potential music video with the caption stating, “I’m tired of being underrated”. This statement implies that to most people, Jessie J classifies as an underrated artist. Therefore, she will show that she deserves more credit for her spectacular talent with this new track release.

Jessie J Music Performance- Koko, London

Jessie J has had an undeniably successful music career and has multiple awards to show for it. To name a few, she has won 6 MOBO awards, 3 Glamour awards, and received a Billboard Woman of the Year award in 2014.

Ménière’s Disease

However, there was a moment when it seemed as though her music career was over. In 2020 Jessie J announced on her Instagram live that she was diagnosed with Ménière’s Disease. Ménière’s Disease is an inner ear disorder that causes severe dizziness; hearing loss, ringing in the ears and a congested feeling in the ears. At the time, Jessie J said that at one point, she felt as though she was deaf in her right ear; and she could not walk in a straight line. Singers rely on their ears when performing because they need to hear the tone; key and pitch they are singing in. Therefore, this disease could have been detrimental to her career. Furthermore, the various symptoms would have caused significant discomfort. Thankfully, she is on the road to recovery and is taking medicine to relieve her of this disease.

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