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Things You Should Never Do In A Relationship

You have probably read the title and thought, ‘We know, unless open relationships are your thing, then the answer is cheating.’ Of course, not philandering in a relationship is a given – however, there are several key things you should never do, that would ultimately have a catastrophic effect. Read on:


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Sure, manipulation can seem harmless when you are trying to persuade him to buy the expensive ultra-soft mattress instead of the water bed his inner 10 year-old craves. However, if manipulation becomes the tool of the day, and used as a regular method of control, it will destroy your relationship, and your soul!

2.Staying For Fear Of Change- Should your relationship become as stale as the cake your Gran made last Christmas (yet refuses to throw out) and you can’t find a redeeming reason to stay, then frankly there is absolutely no point in continuing the relationship. It’s time to man up and move on.

3.When You’ve Used Up All Of Your Chances- If you significantly screwed up more times than you can count, and you know there’s more to come – the underlying reason is likely to be at the very least, that you are incompatible for each other. A relationship that continually takes a knock will eventually implode.


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A little constructive criticism is healthy – but we’re not talking about this. Constant criticism, nagging, or acting superior is unbelievably toxic in a relationship. Believe us, no good can come of this.

5.Excessive Jealousy

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Becoming a tad jealous because your fella is so damn hot and everyone loves him is cute – at first. But continue on the jealous path and it will lead to the road of bitterness, causing an array of ugly problems that are difficult to overcome. Our advice is to remember he is with you for a reason – and it’s not jealousy.


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Relationships ought to be about mutual honesty and trust. If you are on a permanent mission to hide things from your significant other, it will lead to mistrust and suspicion – 2 things that will definitely zap the love right out of him. No, ignorance is not always bliss.