This Easter Choose The Best: Esthechoc, Cambridge Beauty Chocolate

The shelves are full of yummy looking Easter eggs to entice us, but sadly they don’t do our skin or waistline any favours. Before you resolve yourself to the fact that the world is a cruel, cruel place, we have one word to change your life forever: esthechoc. The Cambridge Beauty Chocolate is the world’s first proven anti-aging chocolate!

Slow down the aging process and get to eat chocolate? We think God has finally answered our prayers! OMG pinch us, we’re dreaming! Ditch the eggs, esthechoc should be the at the top of every beauty obsessive’s list.

Esthechoc is the world’s first nutricosmetic of which comes with a scientifically proven seal of approval in the fight against aging skin.

What Makes Esthechoc Cambridge Beauty Chocolate So Incredible?

esthechoc beauty chocolate

Combining carefully selected and powerful active ingredients that effectively targets and thwarts the dreaded aging process, such as:

Astaxanthin: this is the most powerful antioxidant known to science and has received massive amounts of media attention for its anti-aging capabilities.

Cocoa polyphenolic epicatechins: found naturally in chocolate, esthechoc’s unique micellar technology utilised during its production ensures these actives are bioavailable.

Furthermore, each dark chocolate bar contains just 38 calories. This food supplement is 72.6% dark chocolate.

What Causes Aging Skin?

Oxidative stress: Bad diet, UV rays, lifestyle and smoking.

Free radicals: UV rays and environmental factors

Inflammatory: diet, inflammation, systemic, UV rays.

Hypoxia (deprivation of oxygen).

Capillary degeneration: Diet, lack of exercise, UV rays.

Knowing this enables us to take action against the aging process through use of the right antioxidants, reducing inflammation, boosting microcirculation, oxygen saturation and mitochondrial support.

Esthechoc combination of Cocoa Epicatechin Polyphenols and Astxanthin will greatly support these processes. To give you an idea of the powerhouse potential, Astaxanthin is 6000 times more potent than vitamin C and 500 times more powerful than vitamin E.

There’s no escaping it, age comes to us all – but we can slow down its irksome effects by eating clinically proven ingredients. Hallelujah!

Clinical trials have shown that via increased oxygen saturation, microcirculation and reduction in oxidative damage, esthechoc will dramatically improve the unwanted signs of aging, after just 4 weeks of use! Even skin protection is greatly increased.

Antioxidant Benefits:

1.Enhanced production of collagen and elastin, meaning skin elasticity and firmness is improved, wrinkles are reduced and your complexion is rejuvenated.

2.Repair and build-up of collagen that has been under siege and even destroyed by UV radiation. Wow!

3.Restoration of damaged epidermis, resulting in even skin tone.

4.A super-boost for both immunity and the skin’s healing process.

5.Dry skin is greatly reduced, whilst oily skin is kept under control

6.Pigmentation concerns, causing patchy loss of skin colouring is tackled and prohibited.

Antioxidants are a key factor in fighting the signs of aging and although hey are available in the diet, only 15% of them are utilized by the body; thus, they are available as supplements and for topical use.

Esthechoc’s highly effective technology intensifies the bioavailability of the super ingredients and in turn has an insanely good effect on your complexion.

It is clinically proven that esthechoc:


Reduces the level of oxidative stress marker by 72%*

Improves skin tissue oxygen saturation by 59%

Esthechoc is proven to be effective nutraceutical which can be successfully used where optimal regeneration and wound healing is needed.

To achieve the effects from eating ordinary dark chocolate (from cocoa epicatechins) and Astaxanthin (from fish) you would need to consume a hell of a lot. The reason esthechoc is so superior is due to its innovative technology and production process, making it far more effective than ordinary dark chocolate, Astaxanthin capsules or eating these both together.

This delicious and luxury low-calories chocolate is the go-to answer for skin rejuvenation and our chocolate cravings.

Each serving size is 7.5g and one box contains 21 bars.

May contains traces of milk, soybeans and nuts as this product is manufactured in a facility that also handles milk, nut and soy products.

Directions: Take one chocolate bar a day. Should you be a chocoholic, take note – you cannot exceed stated recommended daily dose.

Esthechoc is priced at £42.50 (1 box). View and buy esthechoc Cambridge Beauty Chocolate

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