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Top 5 Hardest Things To Say

Have you ever wondered what words or phrases are hard to say? The question is why are they so hard to be spoken of? Are we generally just not confident human beings as to why we cannot say it or we can’t say it because we might think it is too forward and we are worried about what the other person may think or scared of their reaction from it?

Whatever it is, some things have to be said whether you feel bad doing it or feel afraid to, it has to be done otherwise it can build and grow inside of you. Here are the top 5 phrases that we as humans find it hard to say.

1.I Love You

So you have a crush on someone and you believe it is more than just lust and more than just a fling. You so badly want to tell this person and you have this huge urge to just blurt it out when you see them. The hardest thing to say is ‘I Love You’ because you do not know what their reaction will be to that and you do not want to scare them away either! Try to not think and analyse it to much and just do it. Whatever their answer is back to you, accept it. At least you know you let it out and you will feel good afterwards.

2.I Am Sorry

To say you are sorry to someone shows your true inner self and how you are as a person. It will prove that you are the bigger person in the situation and in any case the other person would feel bad. This again is another hard thing to say because some people can be spiteful and have a lot of pride to not say sorry. You should be strong and just say it if you really want to make amends with the other person.

3.You Were Right

Admitting you were in the wrong is similar to an apology but to a certain extent. Saying the other person was right it is really difficult to admit too because you may think that you look like the bad one knowing you did wrong. If you truly know the other person was right then just tell them. What will you achieve in not saying it?

4.I am Breaking Up With You

As much as you do not want to hurt the person but you want to do what is right for you. If you feel your relationship is not working out then its best to go your separate ways. What is the point in wasting time with the wrong person? The best thing is, to sit them down and be completely honest about how you feel. No matter how hard it is.

5.I’m Pregnant 

This does not come to a surprise as to why it is so difficult to say. What happened to the fun party goer whose out drinking Tequila every Saturday? Suddenly you break the news your pregnant then you are worried hell will break lose. If you are pregnant, best to tell close friends and family. It must be so hard to say because you do not want to be judged. Although think about the positivity behind it. It is a blessing you are. Congratulations!