Tile app
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Travel Gadgets You Can’t Live Without

Summer is here (hooray!) and that means it won’t be long until we are on our way to a long-awaited holiday destination, and some serious fun. Now holidays can be stress-free from the second you step out the door, with these amazing travel gadgets you can’t live without.

1.Tile App, thetileapp.com, $25

Tile app
           Sourced via: koolkeyrings.com

This is basically a tiny piece of plastic that easily attaches to whatever item you need to track of. It’s a tiny Bluetooth tracker and straightforward app that allows you to find your lost essential items (such as your phone and keys) within a few seconds. Should you happen to lose something, simply ring it as you would your phone, and if the item is within the 100-foot Bluetooth range, it will ring loudly until you reach it.

This fabulous app automatically records when you last had your item and shows you where this was on a map. Furthermore, if finding your item is still proving difficult, you can search using all the Tile apps in the community!

Tile app and phone
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There is no limit to how many tiles you wish to have on your account, but there is a limit to how many connections your device can handle at once. Generally, Android devices can cope with 4 connections at once, whilst IOS devices can manage up to 8 at once.

2.Bluesmart Connected Cabin Case, very.co.uk, £349.99

Bluesmart travel case
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This suitcase is something else – the battery included allows you to charge your phone, tablet or any device up to 6 times. It’s GPS and 3G means you can track it to anywhere in the world, and the app will even weigh the case so you don’t get conned at the travel desk. What is more, should you be super forgetful, the case can be set up to lock when you step away and unlock when you return! You will never look at suitcases the same again!

3.Huawei E5330 Pocket Wifi, worldsim.com, £33.99

Portable wifi
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If you can’t bear to jet off for 2 weeks without knowing you have Wi-Fi – do not panic. This cheap device means that you can create your own Wi-Fi spot and get up to 10 devices online in 188 countries for less when you travel. Phew!