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Treat Your Skin To Time Bomb’s Complexion Cocktails To Go

The beautiful and long-awaited heatwave may be incredible for our state of mind, but can leave our skin in a mess. Do not worry – the much-loved skincare brand, Time Bomb has saved our skin. Get ready to be amazed at the skin transformation provided by their outstanding Complexion Cocktails To Go. These formulations are so magical, you will never want to run out!

Your skin will never feel so nourished than when you are using Time Bomb’s Complexion Cocktails. Each of the three little bottles contain highly researched and specifically formulated ingredients that target skincare concerns caused by dehydration, fatigue and pollution. Premature aging and stressed out skin will no longer be an issue, as Time Bomb’s ingredients will deliver a complexion that is hydrated and luminous, so you feel thoroughly rejuvenated and looking like a princess once more.

The Time Bomb Complexion Cocktails Travel Set Contains:

1.Complexion Cocktail With A Shot Of H2Omega – For Dry/Parched Skin

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This refreshing formula aids in combatting dehydration by restoring moisture levels and essential fatty acids. This is the go-to product for dry, stressed skin. The fluid’s texture allows water soluble essential fatty acids to be immediately absorbed into skin, which then thoroughly hydrates to unveil a dewy and supple complexion you will love. This superior formula includes an array of moisturising components and an exclusive Hyaluronic Acid Complex that effectively draws in and retains optimal moisture. Furthermore, the shot of ‘H2Omega’ includes Chia Oil with Coconut Oil, thus providing many nutrients and rich omegas, whilst simultaneously enabling an exceptional hydrating effect.

2.Complexion Cocktail With A Shot Of B12 – For Dull And Tired Skin:

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Next, discover Time Bomb’s anti-aging and revitalising formula that super-boosts energy levels and minimises signs of stressed or tired skin. The powerful and unique combination of Centella, Ginseng and Vitamin B12 increases micro-circulation, which in turn deals with dullness and uneven skin tone. This formulation also includes amino acids and two types of hyaluronic acid to successfully hydrate and plump, ensuring your complexion is one of radiant, refreshing beauty.

3.Complexion Cocktail with a shot of Chlorophyll – For Blemishes/Breakouts:

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This skincare solution is a treatment designed to detoxify, protect and further refresh your skin. Unfortunately, our skin is constantly under attack from environmental pollutants, free radicals and toxins. These pesky antagonists cause dull and prematurely aging skin as well as those dreaded breakouts (that suddenly appear at the worst possible times). Combining an antioxidant-rich formula that instantly soaks into the skin, you will be overjoyed to uncover a healthier, revitalised and smoother looking complexion.

The formula is infused with naturally detoxifying Chlorophyll and a range of powerful antioxidants, of which are well-known to support the neutralisation of different types of free radicals. Additionally, the solution greatly thwarts the effects of toxins that can cause spots, clogged pores and dry patches, effectively calming and soothing the skin. The detoxifying components work to decongest, thus revealing clearer and radiant results!

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Time Bomb’s Complexion Cocktails To Go Travel Set is priced at £30 (3 x 30ml). To view and buy this awesome skincare treatment visit: www.timebombco.com

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