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For Ultimate Beauty Choose LQ’s Liquid Supplements Skin, Hair & Nails

Ensure you are providing your skin, hair and nails with optimal benefits with LQ Liquid Supplements Skin, Hair & Nails.

We all know how vital it is to use the correct skincare products – well, equally (perhaps more) important is ensuring you consume the right nutrients to achieve optimal health, maintaining amazing hair, skin and nails.

LQ Skin, Hair & Nails Daily Liquid Supplements are extensively researched and specifically designed to deliver a plethora of superior active ingredients, guaranteeing your entire body receives exact and highly beneficial nutrients.

Due to their ever-growing popularity as the go-to alternative to anti-aging procedures (such as fillers) we tested LQ Skin, Hair & Nails to see if they live up to the hype, and the results were incredible!

Included in the pack are 10 x 50ml bottles. Each daily bottle offers an array of high quality ingredients that deliver exceptional results for radiant beauty and ultimate health.

1.Hydrolyzed Peptan Marine Collagen (7000mg)

liquid health supplements

Providing high bioavailability, LQ’s Marine collagen ensures incredible rejuvenating properties. You can expect to see more plump, supple and rejuvenated skin and fewer wrinkles (yay). Furthermore, this will put an end to irksome nail and hair breakage.

2.Hyaluronic Acid

Most people will be aware of this miracle hydrating component. Not only does this ingredient plump out and smooth the skin, but it works in unison with collagen to keep moisture is locked in. The result is a super-moisture boost and no more dreaded dry patches!


LQ’s high grade resveratrol is sourced from red grapes. Resveratrol is brimming with antioxidants, of which fights the pesky signs of aging as well as offering ultimate protection against the damaging effects of free radicals.

4.Vitamins B7, C and E

liquid health supplements

The daily liquid supplement is packed with vitamins that are essential in supporting collagen formation, maintaining exceptional health of the hair, nails and skin and providing ultimate protection. Additionally, these vitamins work hard to keep your entire body and mind in tip-top condition.


This component is crucial in keeping your hair and skin looking incredible.


This trace ingredient guarantees the production of collagen and elastin, and in turn, supports the maintenance of beautiful hair skin and nails.

Key Benefits:

Exceptional Anti-Aging Qualities

Support and maintain healthy skin, hair and nails.

Improves skin hydration, radiance and suppleness.

LQ Liquid Supplements deliver such a noticeable and significant improvement to the skin, hair and nails that they are now an essential part of our skincare budget!

LQ Liquid Health Supplements Skin, Hair & Nails are priced at £29.99.

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liquid health supplements
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