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Valentine’s Day Ideas You’ll Both Love And Enjoy

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and whatever you choose to do on the day, make it extra special this year. Whether it’s a dreamy location to chill, a weekend in Paris, or you decide to stay in or dine out. Whatever relationship, situationship, or friendship you have going on, we’ve got some brilliant ideas for you- read on for our favourite ways to celebrate love with your partner this year.

Breakfast in Bed  

Breakfast in bed should be more frequent in relationships. So this V-Day make it a memorable one by starting the day with a romantic breakfast for your partner or best friend. Then enjoy the rest of the day lounging in bed in your pjs. 

Breakfast in Bed  

Weekend in Paris

Paris is always a good idea. Enjoy Valentine’s Day with your loved one in the city of love. What could be more romantic than that. A staycation at your favourite hotel would be great too,

Music and Movie Marathon

Listen to music and unwind or get cosy and marathon-watch all your favourite series and movies- make sure it’s rom-coms to set the mood for some Valentine’s night romance.


There’s nothing quite like baking together. Imagine the fun you’d have with your partner. Get your favourite recipes and bake some Valentine’s Day desserts, or cake — anything heart-shaped would be perfect.

Bake baking

Workout Together  

You and your partner can enjoy a day together exercising. Whether at home or the gym. A great way to boost your mood and increase Endorphins.

At-Home Massage

Give each other an excellent massage, or book a professional to transform your home into the perfect space to soothe and de-stress you and your partner. 

relationship partner frukmagazine valentines day ideas 2023


Make it a karaoke night in or night out. Sing your favourite songs together. Studies have shown that singing with your partner or best friends helps bring you closer together.  

Go on a Hike

Take a scenic hike together and strengthen your bond while enjoying the beautiful sights and the fresh air. A much-needed time away from your phones, tv and laptop.

Love Letter

Write a sweet love letter professing your feelings to your partner. Make it a Valentine’s Day to remember by writing why they mean so much to you.

British museum Photograph: Marc Haegeman

Visit the Museum  

Head to a nearby art, history or science museum near you. This is a wonderful way to learn something new together.

Game Night  

Have some fun and make it an exciting night to remember. Whether it’s board games, cards, dice or whatever you fancy. Make it an unforgettable Valentine’s Day for you and your partner. 

Painting and Crafty Art

Get creative and enjoy a day making art and crafts or just painting a piece for each other. Complete with your favourite snacks, food and drinks.

Recreate Your Favourite Date 

It’s time to take a trip down memory lane and spice things up. Recreate your favourite date, whether it was your first date or the one where you fell in love with each other. If you cannot dine at the same restaurant or location, then get creative at home.

Play Tourist  

Why not play tourist in your city or town where you reside? Explore your favourite spots and landmarks or take a walk through an area you wouldn’t usually explore to gain a fresh perspective and quality time together. 

Cocktail-Making Class

Why not enjoy a cocktail-making class this Valentine’s Day? Ditch the bar and opt for a cocktail-making class to learn how to make your favourite drinks.

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Image @louishansel

Bucket List

If you’d like to conquer some of the items on your bucket list, Valentine’s Day is a great day to start. 

Volunteer Together

Spending the day together giving back is an incredible thing to do on Valentine’s Day. Help your local church, school or community with whatever activity required. You can also donate items to your local charity.

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