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The Vintage Cosmetic Company Has All Of Your Beauty Needs Covered

For beauty tools that deliver unrivalled results with ease, check out the Vintage Cosmetic Company. Their incredible beauty gadgets achieve effective and fast results, whilst being uniquely designed to take the utmost care of your most prized assets (your hair and skin). We checked out the Vintage Cosmetic Company’s Essential Blending Sponge Set and Hair Sectioning Clips.

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Essential Blending Sponge Set, £14.95

Vintage cosmetic company blending sponge set

Get the airbrushed look you desire with Vintage Cosmetics Company’s Essential Blending Brush Set. Including 4 carefully selected blending sponges for perfect and precise application and combining moisturising vitamin E, these superior sponges deliver a flawless look whilst providing TLC for your skin.

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Essential Blending Set Infused with Vitamin E contains: 1 teardrop sponge, 1 contour sponge, 1 gourd sponge and 1 spade sponge.


blending set

Shaped like a teardrop (hence its name) this sponge is designed to quickly blend large areas of the face as well as treating difficult to reach areas such as the corners of the eyes.

Each sponge in the collection is created to absorb water, thus enabling makeup to sit on the surface of the sponge and allowing for maximum delivery of your chosen makeup. Furthermore, the sponge is infused with nourishing vitamin E which also helps to add moisture to the skin.


This handy little Contour Sponge allows you to quickly and easily achieve well-defined features and is small enough to fit into your makeup bag.

The flat edge is perfect for either cream or a matte bronzer. Use the edge to seamlessly sweep a contour line below your cheekbone from the top of the ear down to the corner of the mouth. Next use the more rounded edge and blend away. Complete your gorgeous contoured look by repeating this process along each side of the nose, jawline and hairlines.


This ideal sized sponge offers a waist shape that enables a comfortable hold, thus ensuring flawless and precise blending. Use the Gourd Sponge to blend large areas of the face with either a bronzer or highlighter.


Should you have unsightly blemishes or dark under eye circles (and let’s face it, we all do) this sponge is the go-to solution for you. The Gourd will help you conceal those problematic areas with ease. Furthermore, it can be used to apply small amounts of highlighter or eye shadow to the inner corner of the eyes.


Run the  blending sponge under water and squeeze out any excess to prevent make-up absorption.

Use the larger end to blend highlighter, blusher and contour into the face and the point of the tear drop to blend makeup around the eyes and nose.

Apply your make-up with the blending sponge in sweeping strokes until make-up is fully blended.

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Sectioning Clips, £6.96

crocodile sectioning clips

The Vintage Cosmetic Company’s Sectioning Clips will guarantee you can quickly achieve the hair style you desire, without any risk of denting, missing of any hair strands, or the dreaded mistake of heating the same area twice.

Whether your hair is super thick or ultra-fine, the 4 Piece Sectioning Clips are designed with the most comfortable soft touch that (unlike other clips) do not pull or drag down your hair. easy grip hinged clamp which can be flipped over to prevent denting your hair. These strong clips hold both thick & thin hair back securely whilst styling.


Part your hair into desired sections.

Place Crocodile Clips in each section, then twist and ping as necessary.

Voila – a perfect hairdo in a fraction of the time! To view and buy these and other amazing products from the Vintage Cosmetic Company visit:


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