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Want Longer And Glossier Locks? Choose Hairburst Volume & Growth Elixir

So many of us yearn for long lustrous locks but it just doesn’t happen. There’s no need to book an appointment for those extensions just yet – Hairburst Elixir is the brand new multifunctional spray that not only reduces hair loss but strengthens hair whilst adding volume and promoting growth. Better yet, this wonder product is priced at just £23.99! Read on:

Forget radical and expensive methods – Hairburst Volume & Growth Elixir combine naturally sourced ingredients such as cloudberry, nettle extract and Ana Gain to gently, yet successfully promote hair health, growth and volume. Furthermore, this priceless product offers added heat, UV and pollution protection, too! No more do you need to put up with thinning hair, or locks that just refuse to grow past the bob stage. By using this product over time, you will begin to witness a noticeable improvement in the health, length, shine and volume. Before you know it, your hair will resemble that of a Disney princess (like it should, of course).

Hairburst’s innovative and unique formula of specifically researched nutrients and vitamins provide the perfect treatment for your hair to go ahead and become fabulous. With each week of using the Elixir, your locks will become healthier, glossier and thicker. This product has received outstanding reports from users who state their hair appeared significantly improved after applying Hairburst.

Key Benefits:

hairbrush growth elixir

1.Provides Volume And Fullness:

Cloudberry is loaded with antioxidants that not merely repairs the hair, but works to stimulate cell renewal (essential for hair growth and volume). Furthermore, ingredients such as AnaGain and nettle extract work together to encourage thicker and volumous locks.

2.Reduces Hair Loss:

Hairburst has included nettle extract as it is well-known for effectively  combatting hair loss. Additionally, AnaGain (based on pea sprouts) triggers specific signal molecules that stimulate hair growth. This ingredient is gaining huge popularity for its successful results.

3.Improves The Health And Strength Of Your Hair:

Hairburst combines vital nutrients to ensure the continuing improvement of hair health.

4.Achieves Glossy Locks:

All of the above-mentioned components for in harmony to create gorgeous glossy locks you will love!

5.Added UV, Heat and Pollution Protection.

6. SLS & Paraben-Free.

7. Suitable For All Hair Types.

When Can I See An Improvement?


Hairburst state that:

“After two weeks hair begins to feel hydrated and revitalised

After 4 weeks hair begins to grow faster, and condition improves

After two months hair is growing at optimal levels. Hair is thicker and hair loss is reduced.

After three months hair continues to grow at optimum rate and condition is stabilised.”

N.B. Results can vary from person to person and also influenced by the products you use.

Hairburst Volume & Growth Elixir is priced at £23 (125ml). View and buy here.


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