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What To Do When You Hate Your Tattoo: Dr. Rekha Tailor Offers Expert Advice

Ever since David Beckham presented the world with his first tattoo, the trend for getting inked has rocketed. Years have gone by and the craze continues to soar in popularity. However, reality doesn’t always work out quite how we imagine it might and according to reports the global revenue for tattoo removal has reached approximately $75.5 million during the last decade.

The first thing to do is not to panic!

Aesthetic Practitioner and Medical Director of Health & Aesthetics, Elstead, Surrey Dr. Rekha Tailor offers the following advice:

1.What is the best method of tattoo removal? How does it work?

“Without a doubt, Q-switched lasers are the most high-tech and effective lasers for tattoo removal. This is due to the ability of this particular laser to penetrate deeply in to the skin with minimal risk of scarring and pigmentation changes.  The Q-switched laser produces an intense and focused beam of light on to the pigment used in the tattoo.  The pigment then absorbs the light energy which then causes the tattoo pigment to shatter into tiny particles.  These particles are then removed by the body.

“At the award-winning Health & Aesthetics clinic in Surrey we use the highly-coveted, technologically advanced and FDA approved Harmony XL Pro system.  This safe and effective system uses a combination of different wavelengths to target and break up different ink colours.  It is powerful enough to remove even the most stubborn of tattoos to reveal clear, smooth and ink-free skin and minimises the risk of side effects associated with this type of laser treatment such as scarring or changes in pigmentation. A patch test will be completed prior to treatment and a photograph is taken before the treatment so that progress can be monitored.  Individual treatments can take anything between 5 minutes to an hour depending upon the size of the tattoo and the colours used.”

“Before embarking on any tattoo removal treatment, it’s absolutely imperative that you do your research.  This will ensure that both treatment and clinic is reputable, adheres to the highest standards of clinical excellence and offers the very best in terms of scientific innovations and personnel training.  Book a consultation with a qualified practitioner and make sure you ask plenty of questions.”

2.Does it hurt?

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“It’s difficult to give a definitive answer on this one as it’s important to remember that pain thresholds differ between each patient, making laser tattoo removal more painful for some individuals than others. The procedure does come with some degree of pain; the stinging sensation of which could be compared to the flicking of an elastic band against the skin.  However, it’ll be no more painful than the tattoo itself.”

3.How many sessions does it take to remove the tattoo? Are certain colours harder to remove than others?  What are the results like? Faded or completely gone?

“The number of treatments needed to remove a tattoo, and how effective the course of treatment is, depends on several factors that include the type of tattoo (professional, amateur or cosmetic), age of tattoo, skin tone, size of the tattoo, ink depth, intricacy of design and type of pigment used.  The bespoke needs of each patient should always be discussed and agreed between patient and practitioner in a primary consultation process.”

4.How has tattoo removal developed in recent years? Is it much more effective now?

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“Laser tattoo removal has been around for the best part of the last three decades.  However, over the years technology has developed significantly to offer a better experience and results for the patient.  Q-switched lasers definitely contributed to this and I have no doubt we will continue to see many exciting innovations in this area in years to come.” 

5.How Much Does It Cost?

“Prices start at £80 per session. For further information visit:

Quotes credited to: Aesthetic Practitioner and Medical Director of Health & Aesthetics, Elstead, Surrey Dr. Rekha Tailor.

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