Clive Owen

Which Sexy AF Man Should Be The Next Bond?

Lovely (and sexy) as Daniel Craig was being 007, he is now aged 47, and questions are being flung around as to who might replace him. Mr Craig will play the heartthrob hero for the forth time in the imminent Bond movie, set to be released on October26th.

It is virtually impossible to be an attractive male actor and not be questioned about potentially playing this role. Mr Tom Hiddleston, (who plays the baddie named Loki in ‘Thor’) has just been quizzed, and recently, even footballer David Beckham was asked. (He gets my vote).

So, we thought we’d draw up our own list and throw it out to the audience. Which of these sexy AF guys should play the irresistible James Bond?

1.Tom Hardy


                                                 Tom Hardy (Image: Google)

The Mad Max star has long been contemplated as a potential Craig replacement in the 007 stakes. But does he have what it takes? Let’s see – he’s intelligent, well respected, great looking, and oh yes, definitely sexy AF!

2.Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch

               Benedict Cumberbatch (Image:

Not everyone’s first choice, but this extremely clever and good-looking gentleman has my vote every time. The Sherlock star also has a suave ability to charm whomever is in the room.

3.Dan Stevens

Dan Stevens

                                          Dan Stevens (Image: Google)

This man oozes sex appeal. His career launched into stardom following the hugely successful ‘Downton Abbey.’ Gorgeous Mr Stevens.appeared in the Hollywood film, ‘The Guest,’ and we are about to see him in the upcoming ‘Beauty and the Beast.’ The man from Croydon certainly has what it takes.

4.Jack Huston

Jack Huston

                                           Jack Huston (Image: Google)

Let’s face it – he’s British, good-looking, and the perfect age. Jack Huston who starred in ‘The Boardwalk Empire’ is an awesome contender for the role.

5.Clive Owen

Clive Owen

                                                Clive Owen (Image: Flickr)

Clive rose to fame from his lead role in the TV series ‘Chancer’. Although he’s a little old for the part (age 51), his charismatic and slightly dark persona coupled with his seasoned good looks would make him an amazing 007.