‘World’s hottest maths teacher’ Pietro Boselli is now an Armani model

‘World’s hottest maths teacher’ Pietro Boselli is officially putting his teaching career on hold to pursue his dream job. Boselli rose to international fame after students at University College London, where he worked as a maths teacher, began sharing his photos online. The news spread so fast that there was a bona fide hottie working in the unlikeliest of places, the news spread internationally. Boselli grew a massive social media following to over 800k Instagram followers in such a short period of time.Pietro Boselli### Pietro Boselli## Now Boselli will be fulfilling his dream job as a model and putting his teaching career on hold to model for Armani. Turns out, the Italian-born hottie has form in this area: fronting an Armani Junior campaign at the tender age of seven, and walking for Emporio Armani in 2008. Boselli is now the face of Giorgio Armani’s EA7 sportswear collection, 22 years after he was first scouted by the label.

Even though the academic world may have lost one of its brightest, hottest being, it might not be forever – rumour has it, Boselli wants to use his earnings from modelling to start up his own engineering firm. Which would probably make him the first maths lecturer turned fashion model turned engineering boss that we’ve ever heard of. Impressive right?!


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