Woman having a mud wrap


Do you seem to be on a never-ending quest to lose weight? We all know that dieting is a major hassle that usually ends in frustration – particularly when we reach that time of the month and all we can think about is chocolate! Do not dismay any longer; fat-busting body wraps will shed those irksome inches, leaving your body feeling silky smooth.

The results are temporary. However, if you have a hot date lined up, and If this sounds like a better plan than chewing celery in utter misery, it may be time to wrap up to lose weight. Visit your local salon and request the following wraps:

1.The Mud Wrap, (£75-£150).

woman having a mud wrap

                                        The Mud Wrap (Image: Bibi-beauty)                   

This excellent body wrap works by reducing fluid retention and drawing out toxins from the skin. Although the price can range from £75 – £150, the result is fast, but temporary inch-loss, smoother skin, and a perfect pre-date body.

2.The Guaranteed 6” Loss Universal Contour Wrap, (£55).

Woman measuring waist

                        The Universal Body Contour Wrap (Image: UTube)

A well-researched body wrap that will deliver, the Universal Contour Wrap will achieve a minimum of 6 inches of weight loss within 2 hours. What’s more, this body wrap is touted for keeping the weight off, for up to 30 days. So, that leaves only one question: Where’s my phone?

3.The Thermojet Body Wrap, (£85-£95).

Thermoset body wrap

                             The Thermojet Body Wrap (Image: Google)

Designed to target stubborn areas such as the hips, stomach, and thighs, the Thermojet body wrap uses infrared waves to stimulate metabolism and diminish fat stores. This wrap promotes a slim and taut physique, in addition to tackling the dreaded cellulite. You will exit the salon feeling super-confident!

4.Arosha Slimming Bandage Body Wrap, Slim-Cel 3, (£60).

Arusha slimming bandage

                        Arosha Slimming Bandage (Image: Slimbodyline)

This awesome body wrap is one of several Arosha slimming wraps on offer. The Slim-Cel 3 not only aids the breakdown of cellulite, but it also increases circulation, reduces fluid retention, slims, and moisturises. Yay!

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