Argan Liquid Gold Rejuvenating Cream
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Amazing Benefits Of Argan Liquid Gold Rejuvenating Day Cream

By combining the highest of quality Argan Oil with 24K gold, and extensively researched active ingredients, Argan Liquid Gold has created an unmistakably amazing day cream.

Argan Liquid Gold’s Rejuvenating Day Cream offers incredibly successful anti-aging, skin hydrating, and skin softening results.

Argan Liquid Gold Rejuvenating Cream
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1.Includes Argania Spinosa

This is the Argan tree found exclusively in South West Morocco. The oil extracted from the tree’s nuts has been used for centuries for its outstanding nourishing and protecting benefits.

2.24 Carat Gold

Argan Liquid Gold
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The moisturiser feels like the ultimate pampering experience. Formulated as colloidal gold, these microscopic particles of gold offer a deeply rich supply of trace elements that target skin aging and prohibits cellular aging. Colloidal gold has undergone extensive research and clinical trials, proving it to provide a significant nourishing factor, that can stop unwanted signs of aging and improve skin elasticity. These components also enhance luminosity both instantly and over time, and deliver ultra-softness to the complexion.

3. Collagen Production

Ethyl ascorbic acid is an amazing ingredient in Argan Liquid Gold’s Rejuvenating Cream, as it accelerates the production of collagen, whilst simultaneously adding luster to the complexion. The outcome is firmer, rejuvenated and younger looking skin.

4.Natural Moisturiser

Included in this amazing formula are jojoba esters – a natural barrier and moisturiser for the skin. Closely resembling natural skin sebum, this component is readily absorbed without the fear of causing reactions to even the most sensitive of skin types.

5.Silky Smooth Complexion

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Avena satina meal extract combines a sourced of antioxidants and natural lipids that provide exceptional benefits to the skin, leaving it with a natural, and luxuriously soft finish.


Argan Liquid Gold’s Rejuvenating Cream is loaded with specially formulated ingredients to moisturise and replenish the skin, such as squalene. This component offers a variety of skin benefiting antioxidants and also provides superb moisturising and skin replenishing factors.


Betaine is another high-end ingredient included in this miracle moisturiser, due to its superior hydrating and skin-relieving properties. The result is a calming and soothing moisturising effect, that will diminish even deeper of wrinkles on the visage (yay).

8.Additional Anti-Aging

Argan liquid gold range
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Plankton extract is derived from algae that withstands harsh oceanic conditions. The anti-aging and skin-soothing capabiliites of this extract are unpresidented. This ingredient has undergone extensive research and works alongside other included active ingredients to create the ultimate in anti-aging skin care.


Chlorella vulgaris is algae extract that is brimming with carotenoids and amino acids. This ingredient has been added to Liquid Gold’s amazing formula due to its well tested, exceptional benefits for the skin. This component is bursting with potent anti-aging properties, and will not only restructure and smoothe the skin’s surface, but also diminish fine lines and scarring. Additionally, it is an effective treatment for damaged skin tissue, and will significantly improve the skin’s firmness.

10.Acne, Redness, And Rosacea

Other remarkable ingredients such as oligopeptide-10 and Rosmarinyl glucoside that aid in the prevention of conditions such as acne, rosacea, and redness.

11.Evens Out The Skin

Argan Liquid Gold’s Rejuvenating Day Cream is packed full of age-defying ingredients that dramatically, and almost instantaneously evens out skin tone.

This is a truly remarkable moisturiser that every woman ought to own. With an unrivalled combination of high-end, well researched ingredients, Argan Liquid Gold’s Rejuvenating Day Cream will deliver the ultimate anti-aging, firming, hydrating, and restorative treatment straight to your skin.

Argan liquid gold bb cream
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For optimum results use with Argan Liquid Gold Multi-Tonal BB Cream (£70). This BB cream is specifically formulated to adapt to any skin tone/type, thus ensuring a flawless and silky soft finish.

Argan Liquid Gold Rejuvenating Cream is priced at £125. Both products are available to buy at:




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