Sandbagging, K K
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Anyone For Sandbagging?

In case your wondering, ‘sandbagging’ is not some new freaky sexual fetish – it is the latest beauty craze that everyone’s talking about. This beauty technique touted to be the next level of contouring, promises to keep oily areas at bay, whilst ensuring your makeup stays Photoshop perfect all day long (for real).

This news couldn’t be better as summer is getting ever-closer, and up to now, no amount of mattifying primer can prevent those mercenary beads of sweat from destroying our look. Read on to discover how to apply the technique to suit the needs of every face shape, so you can be sunshine ready.

Sandbagging, K K
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Following Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic posted a sandbagging makeup tutorial, the Internet has been flooded with beauty vloggers demonstrating this awesome beauty hack.

You are probably sighing and the contouring association, and wondering if this amazing beauty trick will involve hours of gruelling attempts that result in a face that can only be likened to that of a clown. Well, this time there’s no need to panic. Sandbagging is basically taking a sponge and applying powder over your foundation, but paying special attention to the oil-prone areas, as well as under the eyes and underneath the lips.

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Once you have applied the loose powder, simply allow a few minutes for the powder to set in place. The powder will then soak up your skin’s natural oils, providing you with the ultimate matte picture perfect makeup that will last all day.

The greatness does not end there. The art of sandbagging also prevents your eye and lip makeup from bleeding over the lines. Let’s face it, everyone loves the sun, but no one likes the ‘I let my fella do my makeup for me’ look.

K K sandbagging
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Last but not least, this priceless little beauty trick can also bypass the pain of contouring, as it will instantly add a hint of effortless highlighting. Aces!



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