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Charcoal is the new beauty product

Beauty is always flooded with beauty must haves from coconut oil for your skin and hair to argan oil and waist trainers. Of course everyone’s skin and hair is different. We bring you an unusual suspect, which is making waves in the beauty industry, charcoal.  That’s right you read correctly, and we have tried and tested it, and it actually works, it has our FRUK stamp of approval.

Contrary to the colour of charcoal, it’s actually great for brightening teeth. It changes the PH balance in your mouth, and helps to prevent cavities and gum disease. It works by absorbing plaque, it’s a cost-effective way to get natural healthy results. Look out for brands with activated charcoal such as Colgate or Beverly Hills. For the full effect, use activated charcoal powder.

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Charcoal for the face, yes it works its unnerving to apply a charcoal based face mask at first, but leaves your face feeling tight, it clears pores and blemishes. It works by sucking excess oil. Living in the city can often leave your face open to pollution and germs, the longer you leave the charcoal based face mask on the better, as it needs to be in contact  to soak up as much toxins as possible. We recommend Biore (they have a wide range to choose from).

Sourced via: Elissa Goodman
Sourced via: Elissa Goodman

Do your research thoroughly, and remember you heard it here first.

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