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Debunking beauty myths and serving you facts

Beauty and the myths! We all hear about it and oftentimes believe in it. Well, say no more! Grab your coffee and let’s have a chit chat orbiting around debunking some of the beauty myths and presenting you facts along with skincare myths of-course!

Acne = Bad skin

A huge no! Acne can be the reason for the blockage of oils, dust, bacteria which gets fixed on the face. Excessive touch on the face or over-using anti-acne products can also be some of the hidden health reasons. It can indicate digestive problems, allergies, hormonal changes, stress or related. In either case, we recommend visiting a dermatologist.

skincare beauty products

Daily use of makeup = harmful effects on skin

One of the basic misconceptions – It is commonly assumed by many that regular use of makeup concludes in harsh side effects. But that is not 100% true. You should however properly take off all makeup before bed. Use clean brushes and always check for ingredients. Above all, avoid parabens, any sort of fragrances and harmful chemicals.

Luxurious products = better quality

Well, it also a common myth revolving around beauty standards. Oftentimes drug store skincare usually works just as great as a luxury skincare product! You just require some further knowledge on ingredients, dos and don’ts and you’re all set.

Oily skin = No moisturizer required

Oily, dry, combination all sorts of skin need moisture to produce healthy cells. Dull and dehydrated skin is one thing we don’t fancy in 2021. So this means you definitely need to moisturise despite having oily skin.

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More skincare = better results

There is no such science to confirm that usage of more products or frequent use will promise better results. It can seldom contribute to undesirable results. Furthermore, the whole idea of involving a lot more than required is an excellent marketing approach and a misbelief. Rather look for multifunctional products. For example, a moisturizer with in-build SPF or a foundation that contains primer. Say it with us, less is more!

In conclusion, we hope some of your myths were busted and comment down below if you had any!

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