Fade Out Skin Concerns With The Awesome Colour Correctors By Indeed Labs

Should you have a skin concern you wish to conceal, Indeed Labs have got you covered with the help of their life-saving Nanoblur products. These superior colour correctors were originally created for on-set use to hide HD-visible imperfections and now we all can benefit from their powers! Whether you are looking to brighten and illuminate, even and minimise the appearance of pigmentation or diminish any evidence of those pesky fine lines, there is a Nanoblur product for you. We checked out 3 of these awesome products. Read on:

1.To Brighten & Illuminate: Indeed Labs Nanoblur Colour Corrector (Purple), £14.99 (30ml),


Say good riddance to dull and sallow looking skin with this hugely popular colour corrector. The innovative triple-action formula provides not only effective colour correction, but goes above and beyond, by treating problematic skin and blurring away the skin concern in question.

Combined are highly researched, tested and proven ingredients that provide exceptional benefits for the skin. Such components include skin-hydrating squalane, essential minerals to protect and Purple Powder Complex that targets wrinkles. Also combined is nigella sativa oil. Touted for being the most powerful oil in the world, it is packed with antioxidant, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Together, these ingredients work to intensely nourish, soothe and protect your skin.

This lightweight formula contains a purple colour-neutralising pigment of which creates immediate luminosity, whilst also locking in moisture. The outcome is that yellow tones are neutralised, enlarged pores appear reduced and your complexion looks flawlessly smooth. Yay!

2.For Redness Choose: Indeed Labs Nanoblur Colour Corrector (Green), £14.99 (30ml),


Redness need not be the bane of your life when you have a tube of this little gem. Apply as needed and you will discover redness is instantly covered and neutralised, overall reduced is reduced and (with very little effort) your complexion looks radiant. Phew!

As with the other fabulous colour correctors by Indeed Labs, this lightweight formula combines the skin-loving benefits of copper, magnesium, zinc, nigella sativa oil and squalane. Also combined is their Green Powder Complex. The matrix is formulated with a redness reducing peptide with antioxidant qualities and beneficial properties sourced from honey. Additionally, this corrector includes tetrapeptide-14, a peptide to prevent inflammation.

We think this colour corrector works like a dream at diminishing redness, reducing the appearance of fine lines and pores and brightening the skin.

3.For Discolouration And Dullness Choose Nanoblur Colour Corrector (Yellow), £ (30ml),


Wave goodbye to discolouration and say hello to a face of radiant luminosity with the aid of the yellow colour corrector by Indeed Labs. As well as combining all of the same outstanding ingredients as the other colour correctors, the yellow formula also contains the Yellow Powder Complex. This includes Pentapeptide-21 that is designed to help prohibit enzymes responsible for hyper-proliferation, inflammation and DNA damage caused by UV radiation. It tackles skin damaged by sun and UV radiation, thus brightening both dull and aged looking skin.

Key Benefits:

Immediately Evens Appearance of Discolouration and Dullness.

Illuminates and Brightens.

Blurs Away Fine Lines/Wrinkles.

Reduces Appearance of Enlarged Pores.

Locks In Moisture And Evens Texture.

Thwarts Cellular Free Radical Formation.

All of these awesome colour correctors are paraben and fragrance-free.

Indeed Labs are priced at £14.99. To view and buy, visit:


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