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How To Dress Like Your Favourite FRIENDS Character

We have all been waiting patiently for the Friends reunion to come out. Finally, our prayers were answered! The nostalgia that we all felt whilst watching the reunion definitely took us back to the 90’s. Friends had a massive influence on pop culture for millennials (and even Gen-Z) when it was aired. However, the tv show still has influence on our fashion trends today, as the 90’s and early 00’s are back on trend. Now, we can take inspiration from each character from Friends and apply it to our wardrobe. Below are some ideas on how you to can dress like your favourite Friends characters today.

Rachel Green- “What If I Don’t Want To Be A Shoe? What If I Want To Be A Hat”

Decorative image of Rachel from friends demonstrating 90's fashion

Rachel Green was the fashion inspiration to every girl in the 90’s. The amount of brave girls trying to rock the classic Rachel haircut is just proof of the Friends characters influence on fashion trends. Thankfully, you don’t need to cut your hair to get the Rachel Green vibe. All you need is a mini skirt with a cute top, which is something that Rachel wore in the early seasons of the show. The mini skirt is a massive trend this summer so you won’t find it hard to find one that suits your personal style. You could keep it casual by pairing your mini skirt with a sweatshirt and trainers or dress it up with a formal top and heels. Whatever you decide, our biggest tip when wearing a mini skirt is to match it with a more modest top to balance the outfit out.

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Joey Tribbiani- “This Is My Favourite Jersey”

Decorative image of Joey from friends demonstrating 90's fashion
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Decorative image of Joey from friends

Joey was everyone’s lovable goof and no one would blame you if Joey is your favourite Friends character. You can easily add a little bit Joey to your style. Joey was always rocking that classic lounge look of joggers and a jumper/sweatshirt. Recently, we’ve seen this fashion trend all over Instagram, especially during the pandemic when that is all we wore. Furthermore, if you are someone who is more interested in shopping for vintage pieces; then Joey is a really easy character to replicate. You can easily shop on Asos Marketplace or Rick’s Retro for mens vintage jumpers and you’ll instantly have that 90’s look. Also, we can’t forget Joey’s bright blue gilet either. If you can’t seem to track down Joey’s original Ralph Lauren gilet; then you should check out ASOS Marketplace where you will find a huge selection of vintage gilets.

Monica Geller- “I’m Breezy”

Decorative image of Monica from friends demonstrating 90's fashion

Monica Geller’s fashion style in Friends is often overlooked/ over shadowed by Rachel and Phoebe. This is probably down to the fact that Monica’s style was more simplistic, but simple is always a classic. Indeed, Monica’s relaxed style is defiantly on trend this spring/ summer. It’s now all about the loose fit. All you need to do to get Monica’s look is some high waisted mom or dad jeans and pair it with a crop top of your choosing. Also, if you too were obsessed with Monicas signature 90’s fashion lip then you need MAC’s Spice It up. This was the only lipstick that Robin Siegel, who was the head makeup artist on the show, used on Courtney Cox.

Decorative image of Monica from friends demonstrating 90's fashion
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Chandler Bing- “Will All These Sweater Vests Be Enough?”

Decorative image of chandler  from friends demonstrating 90's fashion

Chandler Bing was definitely the funny one in Friends and is many peoples favourite Friends character. It seems that we have all been embodying Chandler fashion wise this year with 90’s fashion being back on trend. The sweater vest trend hit the fashion world hard earlier this year and I think we can all agree that we all thought of Chandler when they came out. Whether you are wearing your sweater vest on its own, or with a long sleeve top underneath, you’ll be living your best Chandler Bing life. You can even carry this trend through summer by paring your sweater vest with a polo shirt and an a-line skirt. If skirts aren’t your style, then why not pair your sweater vest with some loose fitting trousers instead.

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Phoebe Buffay- “This Is Brand New Information!”

Decorative image of Phoebe from friends demonstrating 90's fashion
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Decorative image of Phoebe from friends demonstrating 90's fashion

Phoebe Buffay’s style was bright and expressive, which we love! You can easily embody the Friends character Phoebe by just embracing and experimenting with colour. However, something that not many people would have noticed when watching Friends was how Phoebe consistently nailed it with her hair accessories. From clips to fluffy bubbles, Phoebe was able to continue her creative expression into her hair. Now, we are seeing all kinds of hair accessories trending this spring/summer. So, if you are wanting to champion your inner Phoebe, then you should check out Valet Studio for their unique hair accessories that Phoebe would have loved!

Ross Geller- “Someone Comment On The Pants!”

Decorative image of Ross from friends demonstrating 90's fashion

Ross may not be your favourite Friends character but he definitely had his favourite moments. We all remember the hilarious episode when Ross got stuck in his leather pants during a date. Whether real or not, leather trousers of all colours and styles are definitely going to be an item of clothing we are going to be adding too are wardrobe, if we haven’t already. If you are looking to buy some leather trousers for yourself then why not check Verge Girl’s flattering flared leather trousers. If you are wanting a vegan option, then we recommend that you check out Nunushka. Nunushka is a sustainably conscious fashion brand and all of their leather products are completely vegan. Go and release your inner Ross today! However, let’s hope you won’t get stuck in your leather trousers on your date like Ross did.

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