Mae up for ever ultra hd foundation

For Instagram-Worthy Skin Discover MAKE UP FOR EVER’s ULTRA HD RANGE

Your Instagram pics will never look so amazing without filters, when using MAKE UP FOR EVER’s ULTRA HD Invisible Cover Foundation and Concealer. Designed for the very latest high-definition technologies of the film and TV industry, ULTRA HD advanced formulas look completely invisible on 4K camera and to the naked eye. This puts MAKE UP FOR EVER’s ULTRA HD formulation ideal for the makeup professionals and for every Instagram lover out there!

We couldn’t wait to try out MAKE UP FOR EVER’s ULTRA HD Foundation and Concealer.

1.ULTRA HD Invisible Cover Foundation, £30 (30ml)

Mae up for ever ultra hd foundation

This foundation is touted for being just like a second skin for good reason: It combines a light-diffusing formula with 4K Complex that achieves an incredibly natural look, whilst simultaneously creating medium coverage and a flawless finish. The foundation is practically invisible, soaking into the skin with minimum effort and maximum comfort – yet it successfully ensures any imperfections are hidden! There’s no need to worry about the ULTRA HD Foundation not suiting your skin tone as there is an array of shades to guarantee this product meets the needs of every skin tone. MAKE UP FOR EVER ULTRA HD Invisible Cover Foundation is suitable for all skin types.

Finding Your Shade

Some of you may be put off by the letter and number coding on the foundation. Let us tell you that spending 5 minutes to discover your shade will make all the difference in the world – the difference being you will have found your foundation Mecca!

The ULTRA HD Foundation is available in 40 different shades. To find the shade that best suits you, each foundation comes in a variety of three numbers, beginning with the letter R or Y. These letters are to correspond with either a red or yellow undertone. The shades follow four groups: light, medium, tan and dark. The numbers go up in 5’s with the lowest number reflecting the lightest shade (such as R210, R220) It may seem a tad perplexing, but once you have done this you will be seriously impressed!

MAKE UP FOR EVER foundation

This advanced formula is specifically designed to cater for the desire of a flawless complexion in front of the camera. The 4K Complex is included to meet the detailed and magnified results of a 4K camera.

The lightweight yet highly moisturisng foundation can be built up with ease and truly does provide exemplary flawless coverage. Furthermore, MAKE UP FOR EVER’s ULTRA HD Foundation will guarantee your face feels super-soft and does not leave you with dried out creases (always a bonus).

This formula has been cleverly designed to combine ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, that are highly beneficial in maintaining a hydrated and plump complexion and in staving off those irksome fine lines.

Better yet, the foundation offers luminosity components which in turn stimulates blood circulation to further enhance your natural radiance and skin health.

MAKE UP FOR EVER ULTRA HD Invisible Cover Concealer, £20.50 for 7ml


Make up for ever concealer
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Whether your skin concern is under-eye circles, dark spots, fine lines or tiredness, MAKE UP FOR EVER has created the perfect selection of colour correctors and concealers for you. Their formula boasts the combination of specifically designed ingredients such as anti-dark circle complex with radiance boosters, along with hyaluronic acid to support collagen production and thoroughly hydrate the skin. Additionally, MAKE UP FOR EVER’s lightweight concealers not only fill and smooth out unwanted lines, but they offer focus pigments that diminish the appearance of shadows by reflecting light. Clever huh?

This concealer is provided in two categories:

MAkeupforever concealer

Pink and peach undertones will hide any dark circles and are considered ‘correcting’.

Yellow shades will awaken the skin, whilst adding luminosity.

When applying your concealer, you should firstly use the corrector shade as necessary, followed by the concealer to revitalise. Although this means you will have to buy two concealers, we thoroughly recommend doing so.

Key Benefits:

Brightens the under-eye area

Disguises irksome red spots

Contains hyaluronic acid

Includes light-reflecting particles


To view and buy MAKE UP FOR EVER’s ULTRA HD INVISIBLE Foundation and Concealers, visit:

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